Hanasaku Iroha Volume 7: Blooming love

Last year, P.A. Works broadcast their tenth anniversary work [i]Hanasaku Iroha[/i] beginning in April. The show looked to be amazing throughout the first half, but some episodes near the middle of the series began to show faults. Volume 7 picks up from an amazing focus episode on Nako and starts the final arc of the show! BDInfo/Photobucket album

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A certain new character gets added to Railgun

Since the manga for To Aru Kaguku no Railgun only has about 2 main arcs currently, JC Staff and Project Railgun had to create their own original arc to finish the 24 episodes of the anime adaption. The latest Blu-Ray Volume released in Japan begins this original arc, and what better way to start than by introducing a new character only seen in the anime (to-date)!

On the cover for Volume 7 we have Uiharu and her new roomate Erii Haruue sharing some cake. Continue reading