Hyouka episode 11.5 umx review/comments

As you might know since they’re taking up the front page at the moment, I’ve been translating the staff comments from the KyoAni Hyouka website regarding each episode’s production. Personally, I find that kind of information fascinating. It’s even more fascinating when discussing probably one of the more technically gifted series on TV in a while. There were no comments posted regarding episode 11.5 and I didn’t want to leave it un-noticed, so I decided it would be best to write a review of the LE manga volume it comes with. Here is Hyouka volume 3! BDInfo

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Blooming through troubles: Hanasaku Iroha volume 3

Hanasaku Iroha is P.A. Works’s 10th anniversary production. It began airing in April of this year and will finish this week with its 26th/final episode. Though the airing is about to be over, the show will continue to be released until March 21, 2012 on DVD/BD. September 21st was the release date in Japan for the third volume. This is my review of said volume. BD Info/Screencapture album

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K-On! Volume 3 keeps drumming along!

Originally aired in Spring 2009, the show K-on! is known both positively and negatively by fans, depending on who you ask. Bandai Entertainment licensed the show officially last year at Anime Expo and began releasing the series on Blu-Ray and DVD this April. The third volume was scheduled to be released on September 13th, but I received it early thanks to RightStuf. This review has just been delayed due to school. Let’s keep the beat going! BDInfo Screencap Album

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A certain scientific review and preview

It’s time to delve into one of the most important sets of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: Volume 3, where we are introduced to a lot of the philosophical background of the show.

Volume 3 has the usual extras: a bonus CD with four radio tracks, a 12 page informational booklet, and another short story from Index. Continue reading