Shakugan no Shana Final BD Volume 2 review

Coming 4 years after the previous season, Shana III-Final- got off to a bit of a slow start with (re)introductions to our characters and the current situation. The final scene from volume 1 ended with Shana and Yuji facing off against one another. Their fight starts off volume 2! BD Info/Bonus Disc/Photobucket album

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Continuing to bloom: Hanasaku Iroha BD Volume 2

Beginning this spring, Hanasaku Iroha returned to its strong roots for episodes 4-6 after a change of pace in episode 3. These episodes were much better received and gave the impression that episode 3’s comedy aspect was an aberration rather than a part of the show. So continuing on in the much better first half of Iroha, let’s get to BD Volume 2! The usual Photobucket album full of screencaptures is here!

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A Silky and Orange love comes to an end…

This week NIS America released the second and final volume of the anime version of Toradora! for the North American audience. I just got this set yesterday and the show drew me to marathon all 12 episodes and all of the bonus features on the set in about 5 hours. It’s not often that a show I’ve seen before will induce me to finish it in one sitting (again!), but this show is something special.

NIS kept the same packaging idea as the first volume with a big box containing the other outside art of the R2 box and two of the four R2 covers (5 and 7). The set also includes the special episode guide (including a great interview with Ryuji and Taiga’s seiju). As I said before, it’s a great addition to a R1 release and I wish more companies would include artbooks like this. Continue reading

A new certain scientific review

Now that the “shock” of the week is out, it’s time to review something I’ve been wanting to post about for a while. About two weeks ago I received my copy of the second volume of To Aru Kageku no Railgun, but I had a little bit of difficulty getting the following volume. Now that the issue has been settled it’s time to continue our journey into the life of Misaka Mikoto with Volume Ni!

Volume two features Kuroko and Uiharu on the cover with a gorgeous view of the city. I love the little details that J.C. Staff did in their scenery and it’s evident on the cover how much work they put into it.

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