Sound! Euphonium Blu-ray Volume 1 review

In 2013, Ayano Takeda wrote a novel based on her and her friends’ experiences in concert band/wind music called Sound! Euphonium: Welcome to the North Uji High School Concert Band. This was her second novel published after she won the Japan Love Novel award for her manuscript Today, We Breathed Together. Takeda’s novel caught the attention of two producers at Kyoto Animation (Eiharu Oohashi and Riri Senami). They approached the publisher for the rights to adapt it into an anime and, after partnering with Pony Canyon, Lantis, and Rakuonsha, they began airing it in April 2015. This review covers the first Japanese Blu-ray volume of the show published by Kyoto Animation and the Hibike Production Partners.

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Shakugan no Shana Final BD volume 1 review

As one of the more popular light novel series in the mid-2000s, it was no surprise when Shakugan no Shana was made into an anime in Fall 2005. After good sales on DVD, the series got a sequel, Shakugan no Shana Second, and an OVA series Shakugan no Shana S in 2007/2009-2010 respectively. As the light novel series came to an end last September, the anime too is coming to an end this season. As it was a show I had on the “to watch” list, I finally got to marathon the previous two seasons and OVA series during the past couple of months. I thought the previous seasons ranged from good-decent, but nothing that made me want to import anything. That all changed once I got into Shakugan no Shana -Final-. This is BD volume 1 of 8. BDInfo/Screencaptures

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A light club begins with Volume 1!

In 2009 Kyoto Animation released their 12th work and the first without a Key visual novel when partnered with Pony Canyon/Movic. They chose to adapt a manga that had began just under 2 years before and only had two volumes published. Little did they know that this work was to become a phenomenon to all ages in Japan as well as international anime fans. At Anime Expo in 2010, Bandai Entertainment announced that they had aquired the North American rights to the work and released the first volume of four on April 26th, 2011. For the first time, K-On! was released to an English audience.

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A unpre-prepared suprise

Recently, I was inspired to dip back into time and start a series that I had been told was very good: Toradora!. Honestly, I can’t remember my justification for starting this series rather than just word of mouth and the plot seemed interesting.

I watched the first episode and immediately disliked it. It took some prodding from a couple of friends, but I reluctantly finished the first arc and gave it another try. Much to my surprise (and horrible order of watching) I really got into the show and liked it a lot. Taiga quickly became my third favorite character with Ryuji not far behind.

NIS America licensed the show in Region 1 this spring and released the first volume last month. It comes on two DVDs with a special artbook and packaging box. It’s not that bad for a “premium edition.” Since I loved the show and thought the set was worth the price, it was an easy decision to get the first volume. Continue reading

A certain scientific series to collect!


As I’ve said before, one of the shows that aired during the Fall/Winter seasons that I really enjoyed was To Aru Kageku no Railgun. It’s the second show that I’ve enjoyed enough to get the R2 release. Well, I needed an upgrade for a possible release of Disappearance, so these reviews will be brought to you in Megax HD!

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