Half a year of blooming comes to an end

The show that I was most looking forward in the spring 2011 season was Hanasaku Iroha. I had high expectations for it after viewing the fourth PV for it on Lantis’s Youtube channel last winter and couldn’t wait to start it. The first episode stunned me with the immense quality of the animation and great set-up. I pre-ordered all 9 Blu-Ray volumes that day and watched the episode 4 times that week. It’s now 25 weeks later and our story has come to an end. This is how Ohana bloomed.

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Summer 2011 reviews: An Ordinary Memo Pad

So with this weekend comes the finales of three of the shows I was following this season. This review will be for two of the three (Hanasaku Iroha gets one by itself) and will encompass my thoughts on Nichijou and Heaven’s Memo Pad. Obviously spoilers abound beyond the break. Continue reading

Let’s fest it up with some positive thinking!

I’ve been told many times that my analysis of shows very often tend to focus more on the negative aspects of the show rather than anything else and I can’t really disagree. I’m a perfectionist and we by nature look for improvements to be made in anything. That being said, and given that I need to write something, I’ve decided to focus on the positive aspects of some ongoing shows. Continue reading