A Silent Voice – Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida Interview

This is from the A Silent Voice “making of” book published by Kyoto Animation in 2016. I translated this for another site, but it never got ran on it. With the ongoing incident at KyoAni, I wanted to share some of these translations that were finished, but never seen publicly.

Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida
Animation scriptwriter. Has handled many TV series and films. Other works she’s handled have included the K-On! series (as series composer) and the Girls und Panzer series (series composer).

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K-On! Movie interview: Director Naoko Yamada and Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida

HTT Airlines, Flight JL401:

Boarding seat 1-2:

Director Naoko Yamada and Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida

K-On! The Movie opened on December 3rd, 2011 and grew to be seen by over 1 million viewers in theatres. However, all Director Yamada had planned when she first heard it was being made into a movie were fragments of ideas. How was the movie created from stage zero? Continue reading

K-On! Movie interview: Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida

HTT Airlines, Flight JL401:

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Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida

Yoshida-san worried whether it was feasible for the girls in the light music room to head to London and still have the work be K-On! in nature. During the scenario writing stage, she worried that the London part wouldn’t come to her. We came to hear about these troubles and devices to get through the film. Continue reading