Like the title, it’s in English!

Following in the success of the first adaptation Clannad ~After Story~ was aired in the fall of 2008, which was one year after the initial adaption. The highly anticipated series was greatly loved by fans; immediately finishing atop many international fansites’ rankings. Sentai Filmworks licensed the show in July 2009 and released two sub-only volumes later that fall. Immediately following announcements of a dub for the first season, fans began requesting for Sentai to dub the sequel. At Izumicon last November, Sentai announced that finally ~After Story~ would be getting an english language track in a complete collection like the first season. I’ve mentioned no spoilers throughout this review, so don’t worry about reading if you’ve not seen the show.

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Wagnaria!!: It’s certainly WORKING for me

In April of last year an anime produced by Aniplex and Yomuri Telvision Company entitled Working!! began airing to good success. While it wasn’t the most popular show of the season, it held its own against two giants in K-On!! and Angel Beats. Aniplex released the series on 7 DVD volumes last year and NISA licensed the set last November to release on March 29th of this year. Thanks to the good people at Right Stuf, I was able to obtain my copy a bit early and watched it yesterday. Without further delay, let’s get to work…

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The year of Clannad continues! A dream so big it had to be a movie…

In 2004 Key Visual Arts released their highly anticipated third visual novel entitled Clannad. Since Toei Animation had made a TV anime series and a movie of their prior two works (Kanon and AIR) respectively, they decided to let Toei adapt Clannad into an animated movie. Thus in September 2007 Clannad:The Motion Picture was released.  In March 2008 the work was released on three DVD versions (collector’s, special, and regular editions) in Japan. The movie was licensed by Sentai Filmworks in November 2010 and set to be released March 15, 2011. (The author of this post received his copy early thanks to RightStuf)

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It’s a Nyanderful Life with this DVD set

Sorry for the long wait between posts, but life has been quite busy lately. Today I’m going to review a DVD set I received last month as a gift: the Nyan Koi Complete Collection.

Nyan Koi is a series that was broadcast in 2009 by TBS and animated by AIC. It’s a romantic comedy that features conversations with cats as its signature difference between it and other harem series. It was the second anime series that I watched after getting back into the style and the first series I debated importing on Blu-Ray. Continue reading

A Silky and Orange love comes to an end…

This week NIS America released the second and final volume of the anime version of Toradora! for the North American audience. I just got this set yesterday and the show drew me to marathon all 12 episodes and all of the bonus features on the set in about 5 hours. It’s not often that a show I’ve seen before will induce me to finish it in one sitting (again!), but this show is something special.

NIS kept the same packaging idea as the first volume with a big box containing the other outside art of the R2 box and two of the four R2 covers (5 and 7). The set also includes the special episode guide (including a great interview with Ryuji and Taiga’s seiju). As I said before, it’s a great addition to a R1 release and I wish more companies would include artbooks like this. Continue reading

A unpre-prepared suprise

Recently, I was inspired to dip back into time and start a series that I had been told was very good: Toradora!. Honestly, I can’t remember my justification for starting this series rather than just word of mouth and the plot seemed interesting.

I watched the first episode and immediately disliked it. It took some prodding from a couple of friends, but I reluctantly finished the first arc and gave it another try. Much to my surprise (and horrible order of watching) I really got into the show and liked it a lot. Taiga quickly became my third favorite character with Ryuji not far behind.

NIS America licensed the show in Region 1 this spring and released the first volume last month. It comes on two DVDs with a special artbook and packaging box. It’s not that bad for a “premium edition.” Since I loved the show and thought the set was worth the price, it was an easy decision to get the first volume. Continue reading