Nichijou Blu-ray Box review

Nichijou was a highly anticipated show. Why shouldn’t it have been? Kadokawa Shoten were riding high off of many successes in the late 2000s anime market. Their partnership with Kyoto Animation on the Full Metal Panic, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Lucky Star series earned them lots of yen from novel sales and merchandising. While there was a slight downturn with their collaboration on the Munto TV series, that could be easily explained as a blip, a statistical outlier. As such, Kadokawa Producer Atsushi Ito figured big things would happen for Nichijou and planned/marketed it as a success from day 1. Suffice to say, certain goals were not met and Kadokawa Shoten’s video division took a loss on the show. Likely putting a popular gag comedy in 13 BD/DVD volumes scheduled for longer than a year didn’t help. In 2013, Kadokawa began re-releasing older titles in compilation Blu-ray boxes. The very first title released in this format was Nichijou to earn a bit more yen from video sales. This is a review of that BD-Box from August 2013.

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Nichijou Director’s Cut DVD-Box review

After some issues with HMV, my copy of the Nichijou Director’s Cut DVD-Box arrived a couple weeks ago and it’s been a pleasant re-viewing experience. Originally aired starting in April 2011, Nichijou ran for 26 weeks last year. Kadokawa/Lantis and the rest of the production committee thought it would be the next big hit from Kyoto Animation, but alas, it was not to be. Speculate all you would like, NHK decided to re-air the show in January of this year for 12 weeks. People who read every sentence will wonder “How was a 26 week show aired over 12 weeks?” The answer: it was revised into 12 episodes, which are collected on this DVD-Box!

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Nichijou NHK-E Episode Composition

Last last year, the television station NHK announced that they were planning to air a revised version of the anime show Nichijou on their educational stations throughout Japan. They aired this revised version of the show from 2012/01/07 to 2012/03/24 and it was in such high demand that they re-aired it in June. Now, this version of the show has been listed to be released as a “Director’s Cut” version DVD-BOX. I’ve not seen anyone detail about how the series was re-organized, so I thought a post detailing the segments would be a good reference. I’m citing the information from Shinkai’s blog and have taken screencaps from Random Curiosity (I watched via Crunchyroll, so I have no way to take screencaps). Continue reading

Spring Reviews Part III: An Ordinary Blooming Gate

Three shows that I am following continue onto the summer season as they enter their second cour: Hanasaku Iroha, Nichijou, and Steins;Gate. Coming into this season, I felt that these three shows had immense potential and looked forward to seeing them every week. Reality was such a cruel mistress though. Here’s where I would grade each series based on half of their alloted episodes (Iroha and Nichijou:13 episodes, Steins;Gate:12 episodes) Continue reading