A serene player placement

Earlier this afternoon, Skorp and I had an interesting conversation about the talents of the Kiyosumi mahjong team in Saki (original series) and I thought it would be a nice post to expand on. While this has some spoilers for the original series, I’m only going to focus upon the play style of each of the Kiyosumi team. After we see more of the Achiga team, I should have an accompanying post for them. (TL note: the kanji for Kiyosumi can be read as “serene”, thus the title) When commenting please DO NOT POST SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA OR ACHIGA SERIES!

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Megax’s Favorite Characters #6: Bad luck need not apply

Beginning in June 2006, the Saki manga created by Ritz Kobayashi in Square-Enix’s monthly magazine Young Gangan was adapted into an anime produced by Gonzo in Spring 2009. Late last year I had the opportunity to view it on a whim and immensely enjoyed it. From that series, one character stood alone as my favorite: Hisa Takei.

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