K-On!! Blu-ray Box review

Following the hugely successful first season, TBS producer Yoshihisa Nakayama was easily able to get a sequel approved rapidly after the show finished broadcasting. Furthermore, he was able to convince TBS (and other committee members) to make this sequel twice as long as the first season was. In order to celebrate 5 years since broadcast, TBS released both seasons of the show in blu-ray boxes. After the successful first season box, the second was released in November of 2014. This is a review of that box set.

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K-On!! (S2) staff interviews pt 1: Director Naoko Yamada & Series Composer Reiko Yoshida Dialogue

Director x Series Composer Dialogue

Director Naoko Yamada:
Director/Animator at Kyoto Animation. Notable works include directing Tamako Market/Love Story, series director of Sound! Euphonium, and episode director/storyboards/key animation for Clannad, Clannad After Story, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and other shows.

Series Composer Reiko Yoshida:
Freelance scriptwriter. Notable works include series composer for Bakuman, Girls und Panzer, Tamako Market, and Yowamushi Pedal among other series.

Director Yamada and Yoshida-san created K-On!! with love surpassing the usual for these roles. What thoughts and memories do they continue to hold as they look back at the final episode and the three years that have passed since the first four entered high school until their graduation. Continue reading