K-On! Blu-ray Box review!

In 2008, TBS producer Yoshihisa Nakayama took on a risk when deciding to make a TV anime series adaptation of a manga right after the first volume was published! In the end, his risk paid off immensely for TBS as K-On! became one of the big hit shows of 2009 (really only behind Bakemonogatari in popularity). The series was the first Kyoto Animation production to be released on Blu-ray (back in 2009), so it took 5 years (and a necessity of additional revenue to shore up the fiscal year) for TBS to greenlight a BD-Box in March 2014. This is a review of that box set.


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K-On! Staff Interviews pt2: Producer Yoshihisa Nakayama

Yoshihisa Nakayama

TBS Television Contents Business/Video Business Center Section Chief. Produced works include AIR, Clannad, and Clannad After Story among others.

As a TBS producer, Nakayama-san has brought Kyoto Animation works such as AIR and Clannad into the world thus far. We speak with him asking how he envisioned K-On! taking off and what kind of anime did he consider making with it. Continue reading

Light Music stays on key with K-On! Volume 4!

After the first 11 episodes had aired, it was evident that KyoAni had another huge success on their hands, and the first monster for TBS, with K-On! (Kadokawa had benefited with Haruhi and Lucky Star prior). Keeping with TBS tradition, the final episode that aired was labeled an “extra episode” (since it didn’t appear in the manga) and, like Clannad, there was a bonus episode that came on the final BD volume. The series was greatly anticipated when Bandai announced they had licensed the show at 2010’s Anime Expo and this is the final release of that license. BDInfo/Screencaptures

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K-On! Volume 3 keeps drumming along!

Originally aired in Spring 2009, the show K-on! is known both positively and negatively by fans, depending on who you ask. Bandai Entertainment licensed the show officially last year at Anime Expo and began releasing the series on Blu-Ray and DVD this April. The third volume was scheduled to be released on September 13th, but I received it early thanks to RightStuf. This review has just been delayed due to school. Let’s keep the beat going! BDInfo Screencap Album

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A light club begins with Volume 1!

In 2009 Kyoto Animation released their 12th work and the first without a Key visual novel when partnered with Pony Canyon/Movic. They chose to adapt a manga that had began just under 2 years before and only had two volumes published. Little did they know that this work was to become a phenomenon to all ages in Japan as well as international anime fans. At Anime Expo in 2010, Bandai Entertainment announced that they had aquired the North American rights to the work and released the first volume of four on April 26th, 2011. For the first time, K-On! was released to an English audience.

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