Free! Eternal Summer Fanbook TL: Director Hiroko Utsumi

This is the first of three posts that will translate the three interviews with the big staff members for Free! Eternal Summer. Continue reading


Free! Guidebook interview: Hiroko Utsumi x Futoshi Nishiya part 2

In 2011, Kyoto Animation published a list of encouragement award winning light novel entries from their second Kyoto Animation award contest. Included on that list was a title called High Speed!, something no one noticed at that time. In April 2013, the studio announced that they were going to be animating an original sequel to the novel that would air in the summer season. This is an interview that details how first time director Hiroko Utsumi and character designer Futoshi Nishiya took that content and Free!ed anime this summer. This interview is divided into two posts due to length. A link to the first part is included at the beginning. Giant thanks to irrevilent, Goggen, and TMSIDR for editorial contributions. Continue reading