Free! Eternal Summer Fanbook TL: Series Composer Masahiro Yokotani

This is the third and final interview I’ve translated from the Free! Eternal Summer fanbook released from Kyoto Animation. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these. Continue reading

Free! Eternal Summer Fanbook TL: Character Designer/Chief AD Futoshi Nishiya

This is the second of three interviews I’ve translated with the three big staff members of Free! Eternal Summer. Continue reading

CTFK 2013 KyoAni, Pony Canyon, and Lantis Producers’ Discussion Translated

This is the third in a series of posts translating transcriptions/summaries of the four stage panels at Kyoto Animation/Animation Do’s CTFK 2013 event held November 30, 2013. This post will be about the Producers’ Discussion panel detailing background information about the works featured at the event. The transcriptions/summaries for this panel come from these bloggers. Editing support comes from irrevilent. Continue reading

CTFK 2013 Futoshi Nishiya Panel Translated

This post is the second in a series of posts translating the talk events held at Kyoto Animation and Animation Do’s CTFK 2013 event. This time, I’ve translated the second panel of the day, Futoshi Nishiya’s Free! character design chat! The transcript for this panel is provided by this blogger. Editing support comes from irrevilent. Continue reading

Free! Guidebook Translation pt1: Director Hiroko Utsumi Interview

ultimatemegax: I’ll be working on translating the interviews from the guidebook for the next couple of weeks. This is the first in the series. Thanks to irrevilent for editing assistance and OliMcGown for help with swimming portions.

Director Hiroko Utsumi Interview

Free! was Director Utsumi’s first role as a series director. In this interview, she passionately talks about the enthusiasm she put into this work as well as the thoughts she had during the creation of the characters.


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Free! Guidebook interview: Hiroko Utsumi x Futoshi Nishiya part 1

In 2011, Kyoto Animation published a list of encouragement award winning light novel entries from their second Kyoto Animation award contest. Included on that list was a title called High Speed!, something no one noticed at that time. In April 2013, the studio announced that they were going to be animating an original sequel to the novel that would air in the summer season. This is an interview that details how first time director Hiroko Utsumi and character designer Futoshi Nishiya took that content and Free!ed anime this summer. This interview is divided into two posts due to length. A link to the second part is included at the bottom. Giant thanks to irrevilent, Goggen, and TMSIDR for editorial contributions.

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Free! and the future of KyoAni productions

On April 26, 2013 Kyoto Animation announced their 17th self-produced animation production entitled FREE!, a series about a group of friends re-uniting in their passion for swimming after going their separate ways following a victory in the elementary school nationals. What really got people in an uproar was the fact that all the main characters in this series were male and a previous advertisement involving these characters was very focused around their appeal towards female viewers. Of course this caused certain fans to be upset, things have been said, etc. I’m not going to focus on that (it’s been covered already). Nor am I going to focus on what mistakes have been made in covering this series (again, already covered). What I want to focus on is the impact FREE! has in future productions by Kyoto Animation that’s been heavily ignored by most fans, production and revenue (and no, not focusing towards a different audience).

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