Dubbing over the beginning of a family

From the Fall 2007-Winter 2008 anime season TBS aired the show Clannad for 23 episodes. The show was released on 8 DVDs with an additional OVA included on the final DVD volume in Japan throughout 2008. In October of that year Sentai Filmworks acquired the license to subtitle and distribute the show in North America via Section 23. Due to the unlikely probability of a television airing as well as a cost-saving measure the show would be released in two volumes that would only have the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

The two sets sold well and since there was enough demand for an English dub, Sentai announced on March 13,2010 that a “complete collection” including the dub would be released encompassing all 24 episodes. They have since adopted a similar strategy for the sequel, but that will be reviewed in April.

The Clannad Complete Collection was released on June 15th, 2010 and I finally got around to acquiring it last December as a present. I’ve previously reviewed the Japanese Blu-Ray Box and that encompasses my thoughts on the show itself, so this will be a short review on my thoughts about the Region 1 Complete Collection. Continue reading