Blooms are fleeting: Hanasaku Iroha BD volume 9

Beginning over a year ago in April 2011, Hanasaku Iroha became my favorite show last year. The immense visual quality from P.A. Works combined with a wonderful growing up story was an absolute joy for me to view. While it had its ups and downs, overall it was a really well-done series. So now we finish the 9 Blu-ray volumes and conclude the series properly until our new work is released. BDInfo/Photobucket album

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Hanasaku Iroha Volume 7: Blooming love

Last year, P.A. Works broadcast their tenth anniversary work [i]Hanasaku Iroha[/i] beginning in April. The show looked to be amazing throughout the first half, but some episodes near the middle of the series began to show faults. Volume 7 picks up from an amazing focus episode on Nako and starts the final arc of the show! BDInfo/Photobucket album

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Light Music stays on key with K-On! Volume 4!

After the first 11 episodes had aired, it was evident that KyoAni had another huge success on their hands, and the first monster for TBS, with K-On! (Kadokawa had benefited with Haruhi and Lucky Star prior). Keeping with TBS tradition, the final episode that aired was labeled an “extra episode” (since it didn’t appear in the manga) and, like Clannad, there was a bonus episode that came on the final BD volume. The series was greatly anticipated when Bandai announced they had licensed the show at 2010′s Anime Expo and this is the final release of that license. BDInfo/Screencaptures

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The Beat goes on long after you’re dead….

Originally created through discussions in 2008-2009 through Aniplex representatives and the main staff at Key, Angel Beats began airing to much hype in 2010. It would not be an adaptation from one of Key’s visual novels, but an original story instead. The script and most of the music would be created by Jun Maeda, the writer behind the novels Clannad, Air, and Tomoyo After while the designs would be created by Na-Ga, one of the later artists to join Key. The series would be a big hit in Japan, selling over 34,000 per volume. Sentai Filmworks licensed and released the series on BD/DVD for North American audiences this month. This review contains spoilers, but if you’d like a spoiler-free gallery, click here to go to my photobucket album.

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How many leaps does it take to arrive in Blu-Ray?

In 1967 Yasutaka Tsutsui wrote a novel entitled Toki wo Kakeru Shoujou. It was highly received and constantly re-published to new audiences to this day. Several adaptions into live-action were made throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, but what most international fans think about when they hear the translated title is the 2006 animated film. While not a direct adaption of the story, the film takes concepts and applies them in new ways for a new story of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

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Dreaming of a Summer Showdown

In 2009, the follow-up project to the momentously popular The Girl who Leapt Through Time movie by Mamoru Hosoda was released in theatres in Japan. Unlike the first movie this was heavily distributed around the country from the first screening, but like the prior release it became immensely popular. Earning 1.63 billion yen in theatres, it was the fifth ranked anime movie in Japan during 2009. The Japanese DVD/Blu-Ray release of the movie took place almost one year later in 2010 and now Funimation has released it on DVD and Blu-Ray for the North American market.

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A Blu-Ray set that will Disappear in front of you

December 18th. For Japanese fans of the Haruhi Suzumiya series, and later international fans, this date is one that bring anticipation every year. This is the date that the world changes as we know it. This year, it marked the release of the movie Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya) in Japan on Blu-Ray disc and DVD.

Originally released in theatres on Feburary 6th this year, this movie took Japan by storm. Exceeding expections, it raised more than 900 million yen in Japan alone while traveling overseas to North America, Scotland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, and the Ukraine. In the first three days on sale, the sets sold 77,000 Blu-Rays and near 20,000 DVDs to nearly break 100,000 units sold. It’s simply an understatement to say that this movie is a success. Continue reading

A certain extra charge

Back in June it was announced that To Aru Kagaku no Railgun would receive an Original Video Animation to be released in fall 2010. After falling in love with the show, it was a certainty that I would get this set. It’s a reminder that the girls of Railgun are waiting for another series to come.

The OVA comes on DVD or BD (BD of course was my selection), and the first pressing came with a special booklet and sleeve to match the rest of the set. Continue reading

A certain final thoughts on Railgun

So with the final volume of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun released, it’s time to discuss the whole of the first season. I hope to cover both the positives and negatives throughout the season in this look back (and it’ll also work as a look forward to To Aru Majutsu no Index 2). Similarly to my review of the first arc, I’ll be putting images of the whole set of Blu-Rays throughout this editorial.

The first fact of note that should be mentioned about Railgun is that not only is it an adaptation of an ongoing manga series, but that itself is an adaptation from the original Index light novels. At the beginning of this season, there were only one arc that was complete compared to several novels of Index. That was the Level Upper arc seen in the first 12 episodes. The following manga arc is still ongoing (the Sisters arc from Misaka’s POV) so it could not be adapted due to that constraint. Continue reading