Free! and the future of KyoAni productions

On April 26, 2013 Kyoto Animation announced their 17th self-produced animation production entitled FREE!, a series about a group of friends re-uniting in their passion for swimming after going their separate ways following a victory in the elementary school nationals. What really got people in an uproar was the fact that all the main characters in this series were male and a previous advertisement involving these characters was very focused around their appeal towards female viewers. Of course this caused certain fans to be upset, things have been said, etc. I’m not going to focus on that (it’s been covered already). Nor am I going to focus on what mistakes have been made in covering this series (again, already covered). What I want to focus on is the impact FREE! has in future productions by Kyoto Animation that’s been heavily ignored by most fans, production and revenue (and no, not focusing towards a different audience).

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A serene player placement

Earlier this afternoon, Skorp and I had an interesting conversation about the talents of the Kiyosumi mahjong team in Saki (original series) and I thought it would be a nice post to expand on. While this has some spoilers for the original series, I’m only going to focus upon the play style of each of the Kiyosumi team. After we see more of the Achiga team, I should have an accompanying post for them. (TL note: the kanji for Kiyosumi can be read as “serene”, thus the title) When commenting please DO NOT POST SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA OR ACHIGA SERIES!

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