A unpre-prepared suprise

Recently, I was inspired to dip back into time and start a series that I had been told was very good: Toradora!. Honestly, I can’t remember my justification for starting this series rather than just word of mouth and the plot seemed interesting.

I watched the first episode and immediately disliked it. It took some prodding from a couple of friends, but I reluctantly finished the first arc and gave it another try. Much to my surprise (and horrible order of watching) I really got into the show and liked it a lot. Taiga quickly became my third favorite character with Ryuji not far behind.

NIS America licensed the show in Region 1 this spring and released the first volume last month. It comes on two DVDs with a special artbook and packaging box. It’s not that bad for a “premium edition.” Since I loved the show and thought the set was worth the price, it was an easy decision to get the first volume. Continue reading