Sound! Euphonium primer

One of the items I purchased while in Japan was the first Sound! Euphonium (Hibike! Euphonium) novel while I was in Kyoto.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken the time to read through the novel and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading through it. There was a finely executed story that looked into the drama of a wind music club leading up to a performance.  As I looked around at the impressions thus far from people looking towards the anime, I saw some people who would go into the series with some misconceptions about what it would be and wanted to counter that with a post talking about the setting. Thus, here’s a primer on Sound! Euphonium. Continue reading

Tamako Love Story/Director Naoko Yamada interview: Media Arts Festival ver

The Cultural Media Arts Festival aims to display pieces of art from canvas art, entertainment, animation, and manga categories. In each category, works are chosen to win “grand prize”, “superior prize”, and “newcomer prize” awards with an eye towards the current cultural trends. In the 18th Cultural Media Arts Festival, the popular anime film Tamako Love Story and its director, Naoko Yamada, won a ”newcomer prize” in the animation category. The film, a sequel to the TV series Tamako Market, is an orthodox adolescent love story that won acclaim from viewers. With the work/director winning this prize, we ask director Naoko Yamada about the film’s highlights and how she felt upon winning the award.

Interviewer/Writer: Shigeyoshi Okimoto Continue reading

K-On! Movie interview: Director Naoko Yamada and Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida

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Director Naoko Yamada and Scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida

K-On! The Movie opened on December 3rd, 2011 and grew to be seen by over 1 million viewers in theatres. However, all Director Yamada had planned when she first heard it was being made into a movie were fragments of ideas. How was the movie created from stage zero? Continue reading

K-On! Movie interview: Producer Yoshihisa Nakayama

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Producer Yoshihisa Nakayama

Nakayama-san, as a producer, watched K-On! The Movie with a serene glance as the other production staff moved forward. We talked with him on how he thought of ways to make the movie a success through promotion and marketing. Continue reading