Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! -Rikka Takanashi ver- Japanese Blu-ray review

In 2012, Kyoto Animation’s producers chose to go on a very risky course; instead of adapting something given to them from producers at Kadokawa Shoten or TBS, they would choose what they wanted to adapt and become the biggest financier of production. The first series they chose to use this strategy on was Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions, a romantic comedy helmed by Tatsuya Ishihara. The series was very popular and did very well financially for the studio, which prompted a second season to be greenlit alongside a recap film to remind viewers about the franchise. The movie would run in theatres starting in September 2013 while the second season would air in January 2014. Before the first Blu-ray/DVD volume of the second season would be released, the movie would be released on Blu-Ray/DVD. This is a review of that film’s Japanese home video release.

The film comes inside a folding digipack packed inside a thick three-sided case with a newly drawn cover art by character designer Kazumi Ikeda. Similar to the TV series’ packaging, the folding digipak has a “door handle” motif on the outside and a new illustration by Ikeda on the inside centered around the Blu-ray disc. Inside the digipak a special booklet and four cards with the images from the ending credits on them.  The booklet contains character images, designs for the opening sequence, and comments from Ishihara and Ikeda about their favorite scenes in the film.

Bonus features on the disc itself is a textless version of the movie’s opening animation, the Lite ending animation, trailer, commercials, and a stage greeting digest from a variety of theatres. Two audio commentary tracks, one staff and one cast, are also included. Finally, Japanese subtitles for everything but the commentary and stage greeting are also present.

As I’ve mentioned before, this series isn’t anything special visually and the new footage at the beginning/end doesn’t change anything. The encoding is good with no major issues present.

In contrast to the TV series, I noted the soundtrack more while watching the film and enjoyed its version better than the TV series’ soundtrack, especially the second season. It’s a good mix and the dialogue is newly recorded for the film.

Finally, since I ordered the film from the KyoAni Shop, I also got a bonus postcard booklet featuring postcards of promotional artwork and scenes from the new portions of the film.

To finally conclude this franchise’s reviews, I’d give this a passable recommendation. The bonus footage is good, but the content is a delusional battle, an hour-long recap of the series, and a segway into the second season that gets covered within minutes of said season. If you’re a diehard collector, it’s worth getting, but if not, it’s an easy pass.

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