The reasoning behind a lack of Haruhi S3 (Updated March 2015)

In April 2006, a reasonably popular light novel franchise by the name of The (blank) of Haruhi Suzumiya began airing its anime adaptation. Little did the producers know that the anime would become one of the top selling series of all time. The franchise became huge and a second season seemed inevitable. However, fate had other ideas in store. This post will detail how the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise has yet to receive a third season after selling nearly 100,000 copies per volume on DVD in 2006 (oricon miscalculations).

Picture yourself in July 2006. The singles for Haruhi Suzumiya are selling insanely well. God Knows… is being sung in karaoke booths around the country. The first DVD literally sold out in Akihabara. Novels are being printed at an astonishing pace, including the newly released 8th novel which had a first pressing of 150,000 copies. Kadokawa Shoten (both Publishing and the Video division then called Kadokawa Herald Pictures) and Lantis are soaking up the profits from a mega blockbuster. Fans love Haruhi all around the world and they want more. Sometime this year, the SOS Brigade production committee (Kadokawa Shoten, Kadokawa Pictures, Kyoto Animation, Klockworx, and the new member Lantis) will meet and green-light a second season to be announced on July 7th, 2007. This second season will focus on the fourth novel of the franchise with other episodes detailing the second novel and short stories from the third and fifth novel that were left out from the first season. Scripts are in the process of being written… and then something changes.


“Season 2 halted. Instead, “New Animation” beginning!”

We’re now in December 2007. Nothing is directly said to be the cause, but at some point in the summer of 2007 the plans for a second season of Haruhi Suzumiya are scrapped and instead Disappearance is altered to become a movie instead of the focal point of a second season. Instead of airing S2 in spring 2008, the new episodes are delayed until spring/summer 2009 in a “re-airing” of the first season while Disappearance is planned for a movie release in February 2010. This is the cause for the delay in new animation for Haruhi, but there’s something else happening at the same time in 2007.

“The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya” release delayed. Haruhi apologizing.

The ninth novel in the franchise, The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya, was released in April 2007 and ends on a cliffhanger: “to be concluded in The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya“. This novel was originally planned to be released in June 2007 to conclude the tale, however, Nagaru Tanigawa ends up delaying the novel to an unspecified date. No additional stories are released in 2007, 2008, or even 2009. Yet the novels continue to sell very well (4.5 million copies in print in early 2009).  A spinoff manga, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan, was created in 2007 and promoted later in 2009 via web-anime shorts on YouTube (and with the original second season). This sells very well for Kadokawa in both manga/disc form. Another spinoff manga based on the fourth novel, The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan, is created in 2009 to be promoted with the movie.

Time passes with the new animation project, web shorts and movie eventually being released and we’re now in mid-2010. To promote the novels along with the movie, Kadokawa re-releases the 9 novels in a panorama cover edition with 9 new covers drawn by Noizi Ito. No new novel is announced even 3 years after Surprise was supposed to be released. The spinoff manga are selling well. The BD-Boxes and movie video release sell very well with the TV series BD-Box having a printing of 50,000 units.  Yet it’s only in December 2010 that we hear Surprise is finally being released. It’s scheduled for a “worldwide release” in May 2011 (6 month delay due to translating; “worldwide” being Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea).

In 2011, Kadokawa promotes the novel like no other light novel was promoted before. Trailers around Akihabara, advertisements in nearly all their magazines, commercials, store displays, midnight sales, you name it. With a record 513,000 first pressing for the two-novel limited edition, Haruhi appears to be back. There’s only one problem’s left: what’s coming after this? Tanigawa hasn’t submitted any more stories beyond the short included with the LE. The manga don’t need promotion. And then KyoAni’s plans were finally revealed to the public in December 2011


KA Esuma Bunko adaptations: Unleashed

In 2009, Kyoto Animation decided to hold an award for submitted light novel, manga, and scenarios to animate. In 2010 they decided to publish one of these submissions and animate it. That submission: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! (see blog for TLed novels 1-2). Concurrently, they also decide to make an original franchise under the supervision of their second biggest show, K-On!, director: Naoko Yamada. This takes away one of the big supports for the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise (the animation from Kyoto Animation).

However, losing KyoAni alone is not enough to prevent the franchise from being animated. Plenty of other series have switched animation studios and done well. The problem lies elsewhere.

Keep waiting, but don’t expect a third season.

Again, we’re still in 2011. Surprise has come out and done well, though not as spectacular as hoped (423,000 LN sets sold is nothing to be ashamed of). The manga series are selling well without any special promotion and Tanigawa still can’t submit any stories. What’s to promote? Therein lies the real cause of no Haruhi Suzumiya season 3: Kadokawa, who makes anime to promote their own publications, has nothing left to promote for the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise and no support from the main animation studio. In addition, the main producer for Kadokawa that works with KyoAni, Atsushi Ito, is demoted from head of animation production likely due to backlash from fans in Nichijou and his inclusion of Minoru Shiraishi in many shows/bonus footage (See edit below for more information). Without Ito, it’s unlikely anyone will push for more Haruhi. There’s other unknown franchises that can be promoted via anime materials and earn much more revenue for Kadokawa than Haruhi, so why waste resources on it? Nothing new’s coming out.

And that’s the reason for no more Haruhi. It’s not Hirano, it’s not Goto, and to some extent it’s not Shiraishi. It’s the fact that Tanigawa can’t consistently write the story enough for Kadokawa to promote the novels more. Two books in 4 years doesn’t lead to anime production. Other factors include KyoAni moving to their own IPs and the demotion of the producer of the show, but if Tanigawa had written more, we’d be seeing Haruhi S3 by now.

Update (March 2015):

As I alluded to earlier in the poster, there’s no reason to promote the main novels anymore. In 2013, there were enough volumes of the Yuki-chan manga to be animated and the head of the Kadokawa Shoten animation division decided to animate that series. Also as I mentioned earlier, there was no reason for Kyoto Animation to animate it, and as such the production switched studios to Satelight and had a new main staff to work on it. This does not mean a third season is likely; only that it’s advertising the Yuki-chan manga instead. No new novel has been released in the Haruhi franchise, though a short story was released in the second artbook in May 2013. Since then, that’s it for the franchise.

Edit: In response to a comment about the issues with Producer Ito and Minoru Shiraishi, I’ll expand on that situation. Ito was the main producer for all of the Kadokawa/KyoAni shows (Full Metal Panic!, Haruhi, Lucky Star, Nichijou, and Hyouka). He and Shiraishi first met around the time of the first Haruhi broadcast and Shiraishi was brought back and had a big role in Lucky Star. The JP fans liked him in the Lucky Channel segments, but he got placed as the singer for the second cour’s EDs in live-action footage in an expanded role. Additionally, Shiraishi was focused upon in an video extra “The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi” featured on 11 of the 12 DVDs. During the next Kadokawa/KyoAni production, Haruhi-chan, he was featured as “Oniguchi” in the CMs and bonus footage and even had an autograph session. The 2009 Haruhi DVDs had Shiraishi accompanying the group on the location scouting feature, Shiraishi’s own Taniguchi Goes! feature, and a voiceover feature as Taniguchi on each DVD.  Additional bonus features were made for the Haruhi and Haruhi-chan BD-boxes again focusing on Shiraishi. The Disappearance movie BD had an extra showing the filming of Minori Chihara’s music video and Shiraishi showed up in that! During early 2010, he was given his own web show to race go-karts called Lucky Racer (spun off of Lucky Star) to promote other Kadokawa (and other associated companies) properties. By this time, there was a growing sentiment against the guy as it wasn’t just KyoAni shows he was focused on (Gai-Rei and Kiddy Girl-And also had Shiraishi bonus features, but he was cast in every Ito show). The final straw came when he was cast as Sakamoto-san in Nichijou, had a character song single, and was featured in location scouting/bonus footage AGAIN.  Ito used him constantly and fans got sick of him over these three years. Thus Shiraishi wasn’t cast in Hyouka and the future special shows had other talent participating instead of him.

As for Ito, during Nichijou he was listed as Video Media Department Vice President/Animation Division Head/Project Planning Section Chief. In the following year during Hyouka, he was only listed as a producer. It’s not a secret that Nichijou was a disappointment on video disc sales for Kadokawa and music sales for Lantis (it did well for manga volumes and introduced a new manga magazine). He took the blame for that and was demoted afterwards.

94 thoughts on “The reasoning behind a lack of Haruhi S3 (Updated March 2015)

  1. thanks for the insightful writeup, ah well, I wasn’t holding my breathe for S3, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya was very good, so it’s best to leave this franchise on a high note I guess.

  2. Too bad, we just have to keep dreaming then. Do you know if Tanigawa is working on the next volume for the light novel? Haven’t really read or seen much about it lately, so I’m just asking out of curiosity.
    Thanks for the info.

    • Theoretically yes. He stated he was writing back in April 2011, but two years have passed and all we have are two short stories (one may not be Haruhi). Nothing worth financing an anime for.

        • One is called Rainy Day and it details a day during Kyon’s middle school era. It’s in the “Untold Story of Haruhi Suzumiya” booklet that came with Surprise‘s LE. The other is called “Random Numbers” and was included in the Noizi Ito artbook released this past May. Translation is complete and it’s in editing now.

          • I’ve read Rainy Day – and Sasaki is a compelling character in her own right. Considering that one of the biggest criticisms of Nagato Yuki Chan right now is that the alternate Nagato Yuki cannot carry the show on her own (and the reduction of Kyon’s monologues also is to the detriment of the spinoff), it makes me wonder about the prospects of a spinoff with Sasaki as the primary protagonist.

            In my personal opinion, Volume 11’s ending was a satisfying stop point – and while it might be a shame if the worse case scenario materializes and there will never be a Volume 12, the ending of Volume 11 is a sufficiently satisfactory ending to the main franchise. That being said, how we get from Volume 11 to the Epilogue provides alot of room for further development.

            I wonder, if Nagato Yuki Chan sells very well, we might see the Haruhi franchise being used for spinoffs. Could this propel a third season that takes us all the way to the end of Volume 11, if only to keep Haruhi franchise profile up? Of course, if Nagato Yuki Chan flops, that bodes very badly for the Haruhi franchise – I think we can declare it dead, and if Volume 12 never materializes, we won’t get that third season for a very long time if ever.

            • I have my doubts if only due to the lowering sales/print runs of both Yuki-chan and Haruhi-chan in Japan. It’s not reached a level where it’d be time to end both, but the lack of material in the main series either animated or novel form is causing the entire franchise to slowly peter out.

              Volume 11 is definitely a good stopping point as it provided enough material to know where things would be going and concluded the first part of the series. I’d love to see more Sasaki myself, but it’s doubtful anything else will be done. (Koizumi-kun suffered from a magazine failure in 2012 and never went to another one, so it’s unlikely a spinoff would be made anytime soon)

  3. Yes, that’s basically it. Volume 10 took so long, and Tanigawa basically points to an extreme lack of motivation as the reason… I’m actually somewhat worried if the franchise doesn’t die mid-way like this. With the material out right now, there is no good ending point even if a 4rd season were to be made, so we’ll have to wait for at least one more volume to come out, whenever that would be.

  4. Great post. I enjoy reading your post as it feels well reseached and thought out.

    In any case, I’ve learn over the years that anime are indeed a form of advertisement rather than a product by itself (not saying that it can’t turn profit), but it still puzzled me that one as popular as Haruhi still couldn’t fund itself for another season. Now that you point it out it make sense. Not that anyone other than Kadokawa really have a say in the matter, but if any player want new Haruhi anime to happen, it’s probably not too hard to get support. However, why bother when they can do other franchise and got more money, for both Kadokawa and KyoAni. It’s sad that this is the reality. I wonder if the reason they turned The Disappearence into a movie was to see if it’s worth doing the anime without something to promote for.

    • The decision to make Disappearance into a movie came in 2007 before Tanigawa’s writing issues came to light. Otherwise we would’ve seen S2 in April 2008 (ever wonder why there was a blank spot in their lineup there?). Once the decision was made, they had to contractually go through the process even without new books to promote (which is why they made that special cover art for the 9 novels out at the time).

  5. they could’ve atleast introduced the foil characters. I never read the manga but I am a bit disheartened there was another group prying Kyon away from SOS because they believe Haruhi is an evil god yet all we got was Endless fudgin Eight.
    With the foil characters in mind, isn’t that good enough for Kadowa to promote and push another season?
    goodamnit, the world needs to hear Sasaki’s voice!!!!

    • By the time Disappearance was being made, KyoAni had already started their move to producing their own IPs and had worked on the franchise for 5 years (pre-production started in 2005). They were probably tired of the series and wanted to move on. Without a consistent flow of novels to promote, there’s no benefit for Kadokawa to make any new seasons. In addition, the manga has just about caught up with the novels, so it’s also in danger of finishing/going on break. Without publications to ease the risk of an anime production, it’s not justified enough to make a new season, even with a new studio.

  6. Thanks for putting this post together and explaining the reasoning behind why there hasn’t been any new Haruhi anime. I only had a vague idea about the business side of it, so the info here was enlightening…but also saddening =/ So basically both KyoAni and Kadokawa are equally responsible – even if there were new novels for Kadokawa to promote, KyoAni is currently only interested in producing their own works and may not even want to take on a new Haruhi anime. And even if they were willing to, Kadokawa won’t do it because there aren’t any new novels to promote at the moment. But there’s already plenty of novel material left to animate a one or two cour series without the anime getting terribly caught up with the novels. So if KyoAni won’t do it, why not ask another studio? Even if there’s no new novels right now, why not just re-promote the series with a new anime? Is there a reason why Kadokawa needs to wait for volume 12 to solicit an anime adaptation of volumes 5-7? If that’s how it is, why didn’t they try to get a new anime when Surprise came out?

    But despite all this, I’m sure both companies know that the Haruhi franchise can make good money, and isn’t making money ultimately both their goals? I know novel-based anime like Shana and Slayers, and currently OreImo, eventually got new anime adaptations even if it was years later, and if I’m correct in saying so, none of them were ever as successful as Haruhi. So it just seems like a shame that KyoAni and Kadokawa would forsake a franchise with such potential.

    • I’m sure they know the Haruhi franchise is popular and could make money, but it’s just not worthwhile enough at the moment when they’re getting great successes with Date-A-Live and Problem Children novel-wise. Kadokawa could easily ask another studio to join in, but with Tanigawa’s slump (even after Surprise it’s been 2 years with only a short story), they’re not getting enough new stuff to promote. KyoAni were third on the production committee for all the Haruhi productions, but the disc sales went straight to Kadokawa (outside the retailer amount they got from their store sales) and they only got a fraction back. They’re making more yen now with their own IPs and I can’t see them going back.

      • however, one may seek to challenge the status quota simply by interfering with the market, by 1. bankrupting Kadokawa-sama and purchase a new licence or 2. threaten them through revolution, and haruhi goes underground before order is restored.
        either way, staying doing nothing won’t prompt a result, for now we tell kadokawa to Globalise or die. either way, i vote we purchase haruhi off of them as i’m certain they will shelve this for more than a decade.

        • Yes, good luck crowd-sourcing enough money to buy the rights. You’ll need a lot of yen (probably in the hundreds of billions) to buy the biggest franchise the Sneaker Bunko ever had. There’s realistic and then there’s your idea.

  7. Good post, as always.

    Personally, I think Tanigawa and Kadokawa are being a bit irresponsible with this franchise and its fans. I know that Japanese people is very prudent and they can’t state anything without the approval of all the involved parties, but Tanigawa should take a risk and clarify the current state of the following novel(s).

    As for Kyo-Ani, I still have hope that they will set an agreement with Kadokawa if the circumstances are good for S3. Yeah, I’m the optimistic type, but I can’t imagine an anime of Haruhi without them.

    • More or less, I get your point. I think it’s mostly Tanigawa’s fault to not keeping alive the franchise. Even Noizi Ito or Kadokawa have been working on keep the Haruhism alive in the recent years releasing merchandise and an artbook.
      However, I have the theory that KyoAni is as well involved in this: there are a few novels yet to be adapted (some of them very plot-thick) and a S3 could be the perfect trigger to revive the Haruhism, but I’m sure (maybe due to the loose of Hirano, Goto and Minoru) they are “afraid” and have other ideas in mind so, KyoAni is, little by little, becoming independent and “free” (insert pun here) to choose their own projects instead of following other’s IPs (Haruhi, FMP, Key’s works, etc.). I’m a little disappointed with this, but it’s KyoAni’s decission after all.

      • I had to include KyoAni’s recent moves in this post since they are becoming more independent as you said. This isn’t 100% Tanigawa’s fault, but he does have the majority of the blame since Kadokawa isn’t afraid of moving series to other studios. KyoAni’s decisions haven’t helped the chances of a new Haruhi series, but I don’t think they’ve been particularly damaging to it either.

    • Tanigawa is very shy from what I’ve heard. He doesn’t like to come out and say something like this. He didn’t give a good explanation for the delay of Surprise either, so who knows what kind of slump he’s in writing-wise. He’s not even able to write anything for any of his franchises. Kadokawa’s being as helpful as they can be with promoting the manga series, making the artbook for the tenth anniversary, collborating with Baka and Test, putting the franchise in the Light Novel Lottery goods, etc. It’s just Tanigawa who can’t submit anything to them at the moment.

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  9. Hi Ultimatemegax, I so badly want to translate “Random Numbers” into Spanish, so I’d really appreciate it if you can notify me via email or something when you’re done editing it.
    Thanks in advance for your attention 🙂

  10. Wishful thinking for Kyoani to do a Season 3..
    although its nice they are doing their own animation, I do hope they dont focus solely on that, I was expecting a bit more from them but felt a bit disappointed to hear they are doing season two of Chuunibyou (or was it a movie or both?) and this Free! swimming thingy :/

    Im also hoping they do FMP and Rewrite from key…

    • Chuunibyou is getting both a second season and “recap” movie (1/3 is new footage). It’s possible they could do another season of FMP. Takemoto said in 2010 (in Dragon Magazine when the LN series ended) that he’d like to do more of the series and he is good friends with Gatoh, so it’s possible. Rewrite is highly unlikely. The Key works were produced mostly by TBS, who has moved onto other series/VNs and other companies (see KoiChoco/AIC and Photo Kano/Madhouse).

  11. Thanks for this information double checking a lot of your facts and they’re all true from what iv’e managed to find.

    Though i still have hope for another Haruhi Anime maybe not a 3rd season of the anime we already have maybe an OVA/Movie series of each book or following the timeline (havent read the novels so not sure if they’re jumbled like the orginal broadcast). With the the likes of manga/anime series such as hellsing and recently berserk getting revived in this format leaves me with hope for another Haruhi esspically knowing that theres still at least 2 more novels to be realsed in english and potientaly more on the way

    • The problem with doing movies is that there’s pieces of novels 5/6 that are already animated and wouldn’t make sense in a full movie. Then you have the last three novels, which would be a trilogy. Hard to sell that at the moment for a series that’s treading water publication-wise. The English publication means nothing in producing another anime season for the Japanese market though.

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  13. To be honest, I haven’t been too exited about the last 6 novels. Especially Intrigues and the first half of Surprise felt like they were being padded out to fit the page count. I also miss the black humour from the first novel and the (occasional) sense of urgency.
    The delay between books 9 and 10/11 can be explained by the fact that he has other franchises – I beleive he said he was working for two different publishers at once, wasn’t he? I could understand if he simply never cared for Haruhi and was just keeping it up because of a contractual obligation to Kadokawa that he shouldn’t have accepted (like when the Bealtes did the white album as a double album to get out of their EMI contract quicker). But if he has completely stopped writing of course then it’s worse, but it means he at least once had a plan with the series.

    Honestly though, with their HUGE amount of internal monologue and philosophical mumbo jumbo do you think the last 5 books CAN be animated?

    • The delay between 9 and 10/11 could be because of other franchises, but the only other titles he worked on during that time were Amnesia Labyrinth and the script for the Black Rock Shooter OVA. That’s it. Everything else went on break. He’s just stopped writing at this point. I think the remaining stories can be animated (it’s no worse than Melancholy), so that’s not an issue.

      • Eh? I mean, yes, there was a lot of talking and voiceovers in Melancholy, but there was also quite a bit of action and the long monologues were placed “stategically” in each episode between inportant plot points. But with Suprise there would have to be at least a couple of episoded with nothing happening but Kyon and Koizumi talking in the clubroom or on the baseball pitch.

  14. So do you think there will never be any more haruhi anime? I have been hoping that eventually in the future it comes back. Kind of sad if they dont.
    Really hope Tanigawa at least finishes the series at least eventually.

    • If Tanigawa starts to write consistently and puts novels out that can be adapted into manga at the same time, I could see Kadokawa producing more. Unless that happens, I doubt it though. Who knows if he’ll finish it either.

      • Thanks for bringing a lot of the issues to light here. Tanigawa is having a slump; that’s for certain, but do you think he might be gearing towards the end of the series and the slump is because he is having difficulty in terms of how to end it? And do you think the final book in a series would be a good enough “Swan Song” so to speak to promote one last season of Haruhi to tie things up on the anime end to coincide with the light novels? I can see a final season with Dissociation, Surprise, and maybe the hypothetical last book tied into it with maybe snowy mountain syndrome as well. please tell me what you think. I would really like to see such a brilliant series wrap itself up nicely for closure sake.

  15. So… is there any reason to believe that Tanigawa-san actually wanted to end the series but Kadogakwa refused, hence the lack of new ideas and repeated delays? I actually found the last 2 novels inferior to the previous ones, as someone mentioned earlier, it seems like they were being padded out to make up for the long wait.

    • Not unless they somehow had a contract that stipulated a certain number of volumes, but in that case they most likely would have some sort of deadline specified. I wonder if some light novel writers make deals like that?

  16. AWH!! But The Disappearance opened insight to a lot of stuff left untold from the Series. And there are still lots of questions left unanswered. I would love for a S3 but seeing as there prolly won’t ever be aired I guess the’ll stay unanswered/left too fanfiction. Too bad. But thank you for the insightful article 🙂

    • I know how you feel man :/ but i wouldnt say to completely lose hope yet. shows do make comebacks after being gone for a while “and despite the circumstances, this show still took about 3 to 4 years for its second season and that was greenlit and certain! haha” plus after all the success from the movie, theres no way they havn’t at least considered a season 3. but Tanigawa needs to get out of his slump in order for anything to happen as this article clearly states. However; i predict that once his next novel comes out “concluding or continuing ther series, in case of the latter, more consistent entries” we’ll be seeing more promotion of the franchise again and possibly another “or final” entry in it’s various adaptations. but once again, it’s all dependant on Tanigawa. so….fingers crossed haha! though im sure hes bound to finish his series….eventually…….hopefully…..hahahaha!

    • You still have an issue of staff at Kadokawa working on something that won’t increase novel sales much. Their resources are better used with series that can be boosted and bring in more revenue.

  17. Now, I’m contemplating if I should start Haruhi. Have you heard any news about Tanigawa?

    I’m hoping that it’ll pull a HunterXHunter like comeback.

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  19. its a shame since season 2’s episodes only filled in the gaps left by season 1’s episodes and help explain the reason for the events of the movie. There is still plenty of stories in the manga that could be animated but there just being stubborn

  20. Sooooo…did the books not end? I just recently ordered the last book and I am waiting for it to arrive. Is the author still writing the series or was it abandoned. Again, im not entirely done with reading the current novels so idk. From wat I have just finished reading in the Intrigues, it was REALLY good. It would be a shame if the series suddenly stopped without finishing. If anyone knows anything please let me know, it would be much appreciated ty 🙂

    • Not necessarily… far as we know “especially after the last book you are about to read” the story is still ongoing as there is much more to be told and many unanswered questions “as well as some shipping wars that need to be put to rest, whether it be canon or not” but i digress! To answer your question fully: no, the series has not been announced as discontinued nor has it been concluded. it is ongoing still. The main issue here is that the writer “tanigawa” is in a writers slump for the series and hasnt done anything with it for a while. as you know, this of course halts the books being released as well as the other promotional material. so thats the thing. inconsistency on the writers part. and we are left in a void of uncertainty regarding the series as a result. the series isnt dead, but it isnt alive either. ITS A SERIES LIMBO!!! 😥 so yeah…. hope that helps explain some stuff at least.

  21. So then, If the book releases are suddenly increased, we can get another season, but the wait for that is unknown

  22. 8 months since news of nagato yuki-chan anime but.. no news till now.
    for me, if there will be season 3 (after this nagato yuki adaptation) they can adapt intrigues instead. its a bit long and i think will satisfy haruhi fans, even it is 1-cour anime.

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  24. “It’s the fact that Tanigawa can’t consistently write the story enough for Kadokawa to promote the novels more.”
    We all knew that to begin with. I thought this article would explore the reasons behind this… Oh well.

  25. I honestly think somebody else should’ve picked up the Haruhi series. If Tanigawa got tired of writing why didn’t he choose to pass it on to someone else. Even if the series would’ve continued for three more episodes it still would’ve made since to give a proper ending. I know manga/anime is a form of business too, but I think the fanfare aspect of things should’ve been a bigger influence. I hope that someday Tanigawa or someone else will pick up the series and end it properly.

    • I agree to this point. Even though the last few parts of Surprise really went off tangent from the “unusual slice of life of high schoolers”, it was still pulled back perfectly.

      The story could simply continued with more exploration of mysteries and fun through the incidents Haruhi created. And as what the author had done before, this is where the character as well as the story development could be done.

      Well, we don’t know, unless the author is in a slump due to she(I think it’s a she?) wanted something NEW, DIFFERENT from what she used to write for plot. I don’t see a point how she could stuck… And for so long anyway…. And only a really brief “Rainy Day” she had submitted after years…

  26. I remember immediately after I finished this series, your blog post was one of the first things I read. After all these years, every so often I drop by and read it again, and I get a weird mix of nostalgia and disappointment.

    Honestly, I feel like Tanigawa has missed his chance with Haruhi. At the rate Yuki-chan is performing (even though it’s not up to the quality of the main franchise), it seems like Haruhi as a franchise has left the interest of the anime community. Newer generation anime watchers don’t seem to rate Haruhi too highly, many scared off by exaggerated rumors about E8 and the “oh-so-intimidating” episode orderings. An important part of Haruhi’s success was luck in timing. Now that that time has passed, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to reach that level of fame again, even if a third season was somehow miraculously produced. It’s just really such a shame. What I would give to see SOS Brigade animated at the Hyouka/Euphonium levels KyoAni’s been using lately…

    In any case, I think it is reasonable to expect a final book from Tanigawa, and that he will finish up the series eventually. In fact, I have high hopes for this year, or perhaps early 2016.
    If Tanigawa were to write a new book, would it mean a even warrant new season anymore, after such a long gap?

    • Not really. The franchise as a whole is way past its peak in popularity and wouldn’t justify the expenses anymore despite what Western fans think about the series’ popularity and disc sales (though that’s not really important to Kadokawa).

  27. I just wanted to say thanks for updating this article given the latest occurrences. Most people wouldn’t even bother.

  28. I always say to me that I gave up… But sometimes I caught myself looking for something about Haruhi’s series continuation… Such a sad shame!

  29. After all these years, I think most people have come to terms with the fact there will be no S3 -I know I have. That said, consider this: basically, Haruhi LNs are selling well enough by themselves, so Kadokawa doesn’t think that investing in another season would create a significant enough resultant increase. What if, instead of an entire season, they get KyoAni to adapt ONE arc, namely Snowy Mountain Syndrome (which can comfortably be covered in 2 episodes), as an OVA of sorts. That way, they won’t have to invest nearly as much money, and will likely get a significant enough boost to Haruhi LN sales for it to be worth it.

  30. Great post, ultimatemegax. I have a few questions though.

    Recently KyoAni did its first Kadokawa adaptation in a very long time, Amagi Brilliant Park. However, it seems the tensions between the two companies are still there since TBS had to be the middle man between them. Is it true that Amagi mostly happened because Gatoh and Takemoto are best buds? Can we expect anymore KyoAni/Kadokawa adaptations in the future?

    Also, you mentioned that since Tanigawa isn’t writing anymore is there any possibility that if Kadokawa suddenly announces that the Haruhi novel series is officially over that they might try to do a possible last cash-in and ask KyoAni to animate Haruhi one last time and complete whatever LN material remains? I’ve seen this scenario a few times already with stuff like Shana that didn’t get its last season until its novels ended 4 years after s2 aired, with DRRR!! (granted s2 got announced as part 1 of the novels were finishing up) 5 years after its s1, I know Toradora! got a complete adaptation to coincide with its LN ending as well as Golden Time, and several series like that. Is Haruhi still profitable to justify making a last anime if something like this happens?

    Lastly, Yuki-chan anime is almost over but the first volume sales have come out and they’re a pathetic 2k. This is obviously a far cry from the parent series sales’ but even for a normal anime they’re not very good at all. Do you think this is because Haruhi’s time has passed and otaku just don’t care about it anymore, or it’s more of a vehement boycott of the series because fans are tired of waiting and want a s3? I want to believe it’s the latter.


    • Amagi was definitely due to Takemoto pushing Gatou’s latest work (most likely because Kadokawa nor any other company would assist in more FMP at this point). TBS was there not to alleviate tensions, but to provide additional funding. Kadokawa’s strategy for most of its titles has been to produce 10 episode series with an OVA bundled with a book. Most likely Hideaki Hatta nor Yamaguchi (KyoAni pres/producer respectively) wouldn’t want that, so they asked TBS’s Nakayama if they could assist in the financing. They agreed and thus the TBS/Kadokawa/KyoAni committee was formed. It was a rare occurance, so I can’t say “don’t expect to see it again” but I wouldn’t bet money on it given the lack of revenue it would produce for KyoAni in contrast to their other titles as of late.

      Your latter two paragraphs combine into one reply and that’s simply that the Haruhi fanbase is not the size it used to be. There’s really no financial incentive for any of Kadokawa’s divisions to produce more anime. Disc sales haven’t been good, Yuki-chan hasn’t seen a huge increase in its manga distribution, and the novels have saturated the buying audience. To ask any company to make more Haruhi is asking them to burn money in a time where companies are trying to see what works revenue-wise. It’s not a boycott (despite what the western media/fandom would have you believe); it’s just that people have moved on. It’ll still get that “oh yeah, I remember that” publicity, but the revenue isn’t there anymore.

      • I see, as sound as your reasoning is I find it extremely sad. Haruhi was a one of a kind series and I can’t believe Tanigawa’s laziness basically destroyed the franchise. I have another question, do you think in the forseeable future, like maybe 15-20 years from now we may see a remake? The reason I’m asking this is because there seems to be this trend lately of remaking old manga, I’ve only seen this with Madhouse remaking Parasyte, HxH and now Ushio and Tora, all very old manga series. I was thinking that maybe 15-20 years from now when Light Novels aren’t really that new of a medium and have established themselves as a part of the the otaku pop culture, that studios might go back and remake old LN series that once had anime adaptations to get the new generation of japanese otaku into these “old classics”? What do you think?

  31. I loved this series but eventually dropped as I became busy with school and completely forgot about it. Out of nowhere when I was about to sleep tonight, Haruhi suddenly popped out of my mind so I went back up and googled whatever happened to the series. I’m very disappointed to find out that there’s no real closure. I was actually thinking of reading the whole novel only to find out that it’s been on hiatus (or is it completely dropped?) for four years.

    I seriously want to see what happened between Haruhi and Kyon.

  32. I first got into Haruhi during the time when the first season was aired. As young as I was back then (in my high school days), I decided that it was one of the first favorites of mine in the fictional world. Upon having a copy of the novels, I grew more and more interested. Then college kicks in, and I kinda lost all the time to indulge myself in the things I’m interested in.

    Now that I’m done with college, and after a few years, I’ve decided to look around for Haruhi stuff, just like the comment above. I bought all the stuff I could buy only to lead me into a dead end, and a cliffhanger at that, then I stumbled upon this page. Thank you for making this summary, but it only means what I fear is finally realized.

    It just makes me sad to see no new stuff for Haruhi…I wonder if Tanigawa himself is tired of the series…? I still want to know what’s that thing wrapped in the end, and seeing what he can do with the franchise, there’s still a ton of potential; Surprise actually gave me a strong kick of adrenaline just reading it.

    Tanigawa, as some of us, are getting old now, with him much older than I am. I wish he’d still make a continuation appropriate for the series, even if by little. Such a fine piece of fictional work, I’d hate to see it slip by just like this. Right now, I’m just staring at my little Haruhi DTA at the corner of my screen, seeing as it’s outdated even by a few novels as well…

    The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan isn’t bad, by any means. It gives me a constant kicker to it’s allusion to the main series, but of course, it’s not the main series, and that makes me depressed.

    All in all…I just hope for more. I only have a few stuff I’m totally interested in life especially the ones lying on the fictional world, and I know a ton of those that has been lost forever due to discontinuation, or the lost of interest to continue by the author himself, some even ending on a cheap note just to end the series. With things being so bleak with the main series, all I can say is that it’s depressing.

    Cheers to the SOS Brigade.

  33. I wonder though if the series still have hope in some way. Just like how Evangelion is getting some sort of new attention from it being remade into the movies, I wonder if in several years the Haruhi franchise will get the same attention…

    Here’s hoping, and hoping I’m still around if it happens.

  34. I seriously think an original anime ending should be done. Also why didn’t they just use filler instead of endless 8 like seriously are they that entuned to the light novels. Its been 4 years since the last novel. Now would be a good time to say that a climax should be made

  35. awts..
    i want to read/watch this anime
    i hope the author need to finish this anime and i want to know what kind of ending story of this anime please release the Haruhi Suzumiya Season 3 T^T

  36. I felt that the ending of the 11th novel with it’s epilogue was conclusive enough, so it’s always thrown me off that Tanigawa stated there’d be another novel after that one. I don’t know what would really be left to happen other than Kyon’s middle school reunion and they were going to do something with Tsuruya too, but those sound more like ‘Editor in Chief’ short story types. It just seems odd that he’d have something somewhat major like ‘Surprise’ and then continue with a few more slice of stories and then end it.
    I really just get the vibe that he’s just not into writing Haruhi anymore and only planned to write a 12th novel cause he felt somewhat obligated or that he’s not sure if he wants the story go on longer and where it should go.

  37. I was going through extras on the Disappearance BD and I was confused why Shiraishi was present for location scouting and such. This clears up much on the subject and Haruhi’s production in general. Thank you!

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