Hyouka episode 21-22 KyoAni comments

This is the final week of Gifu Broadcasting’s re-airing of KyoAni’s Spring 2012 series, Hyouka. For the past ten weeks, I’ve been translating the staff comments with each week’s episodes. Today finishes the final two episodes!

Episode 21: The Handmade Chocolate Incident


Scriptwriter Maiko Nishioka:

Nishioka here. I was the scriptwriter for episode 21.

What did everyone think of episode 21? It’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s got to be a girls’ festival! So I thought I’d convey their cuteness a bit. “Valentine’s… What were the children feeling back then…hmm…” And so I frantically looked into my past for ideas. They’ve already become distant memories… (far away look) Right now the current trends are to enjoy purchased chocolate. Making it by hand is too difficult! No one wants to follow Mayaka and Eru’s examples!

With all the components in this episode, it was quite difficult to write. Everyone’s own feelings go around and around in the atmosphere. It was important to convey each one of their thoughts. Especially Satoshi’s. This is the first time we’ve seen Satoshi act fishy since the cultural festival.

Though it might overload you at first, each character’s actions and expressions are representative of their feelings this time. If you watch it again, you might enjoy it even more noticing more things.

It’d make me happy if everyone enjoyed this episode even just a little. Thank you for watching!!!


Key Animator Yumi Fuji:

This is key animator Fuji.

This time I was able to draw several scenes, but for some reason I wasn’t able to draw Mayaka…
Or perhaps I’ve just noticed the chances to draw Mayaka in the series is quite few.
I didn’t plan to ignore her…this is a mystery.
As it is, I was assigned to the male team mant many times (I’m a spy!) and I was able to enjoy it. Thank you for watching.


In-Between Checker Motoki Matsumura:

Hello everyone. This is Matsumura, the in-between checker for episode 21.

While I love how cute each of the Classics Club members are, I absolutely love how cute Sawaguchi’s hairdo is. Don’t you think her three dango, three braids, and ribbons are cute?!

I look forward to meeting my Sawaguchi-style brethren!

This episode’s mystery was the disappearing chocolate. As you watch the episode and read everyone’s expressions, you start to think “could it have been…?!” This is a somewhat pitiful episode, but one whose contents is appropriate to enjoy as we enter the final stages of Hyouka.

Episode 22: The Doll that Took a Detour


Director/Storyboards Yasuhiro Takemoto:

We’ve reached the final episode.
As we’ve walked through the year with the Classics Club, we’ve finally reached this point.
It’s a somewhat happy and yet sad feeling at the same time.
Their anime story ends here, but their lives are just starting from this point.
What kind of high school careers will they have?
What kind of lives will they have?
Thankfully each member of our viewing audience will be able to draw their own future from this final scene.
To everyone who watched, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Animation Director Futoshi Nishiya:

This is episode 22’s animation director, Nishiya.

Those final sensations swept over me and I was able to get excited for this final episode!

Houtarou as an umbrella carrier.. I had these thoughts in my head as we finished the design: “Ah… This look definitely clashes with his hairstyle…good…good.”
When you watched the episode…at that momemt…were you surprised? Not?….Maybe…Possibly…
…is that how you felt at the end?

was completely enchanted by Eru’s doll appearance… He was so lovely to see captivated…
It was troubling to combine that lovlieness with the stylistic hairstyle that a doll has to wear.
When our photographers helped match that look with the atmosphere, the final product looked wondrous.

During the latter half of the show, as we reached this point, Houtarou and Eru started to become aware of each other’s feelings. It was a bit embarrassing for me to work on these episodes. Especially around Houtarou. Should I gradually have his expression become softer throughout the episodes? It really pleased me to see the entire staff pour their love into this show.

And then episode 22 arrived.
Sakura season began and then the entire staff poured all of their love into that final repeating sakura final scene.

For everyone who watched and who followed us throughout this long season, thank you so much for watching!


Photographer Ryuuta Nakagami:

This is one of the photographers for episode 22, Nakagami.

It’s the final episode.
And for this final episode, all the accumulated feelings were puttered out into this one episode. “Puuu”!

That’s shown by how effective our filters became.
You can see their effect in the final product.
Hyouka is bitter! Bitter! Bitter! Bitterrrr! Bittersweet!!!, so we’ve had to restrain ourselves from feeling too excited.
It’s been going on for half a year. Come on Supervisor!

And then we were completely free.
We were released.
Ah~freedom is so sweet…

And so we thank everyone who watched us very very much. We can look back at images of a story packed with adolescence.

And that’s how it is.

This wraps up all 22 episodes of Hyouka. I’d also like to thank everyone for reading over these past 11 weeks. It’s been an extreme pleasure to translate these comments and I appreciate everyone who’s viewed them and/or commented. It’s always encouraging when your work is appreciated. I’ve got some good projects coming up, so look forward to seeing them come out.

5 thoughts on “Hyouka episode 21-22 KyoAni comments

  1. Thank you for all the work. It’s been a pleasure to read that comments. I hardly believe 11 weeks’ve passed.
    I hope the next project you’re working on is a great book that will be interesting to read. I wish you the best with it and with your science work. *deep bow*

  2. Hyouka is one of the most beautiful works I’ve ever seen — whether in anime or any other medium. Thanks for giving us a peek at its creation.

  3. Wow, thanks for translating! It was quite enjoyable reading the people’s thoughts about the show, makes me appreciate the show more.

  4. Thank you, this brings back all the emotions that I felt watching that last scene. Knowing that the staff put so much love into it makes it even more special than I thought.

  5. Thank you so much for translating +_+ Also, if any of you haven’t seen Hyouka in HD, be sure to check out the Blu-ray rips; It’s an entirely different show.

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