Hyouka episode 19-20 KyoAni comments

The KyoAni show Hyouka is currently being broadcast again in Gifu by Gifu Broadcasting this season. In order to celebrate the re-airing, I’m translating the staff comments for each week. This week’s episodes involves two Classics Club members creating their own mysteries.

Episode 19: Anyone Who Knows


Scriptwriter Miyuki Egami:

This is Egami, the scriptwriter for episode 19.

This episode is nearly all Houtarou and Eru! With just their conversation and just the two of them in the clubroom together, there’s a lot of meaning in this episode. Though it took me a few tries, I was able to complete the vast amount of dialogue.

Up until now Eru’s put her face very close to Houtarou, but now she’s becoming aware of that closeness… The distance between them has started to change.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing, or should we just say the usual platitudes, for Houtarou to figure out the meaning behind a school announcement just from hearing it. It’s also amazing that Eru could transcribe it perfectly after only hearing it once.

It’d please me if you enjoyed this episode. Thank you for watching.


Key Animator Yuki Kakuda:

This is one of the key animators for episode 19, Kakuda.

When the episode was at the meeting stage, the director said “episode 19’s the grinning episode.” These type of episodes are my favorite dish, but I recall the tension kept rising and rising as we worked. It was a new feeling.
It’s after school…in the clubroom…by themselves… and in that kind of provocative situation, Houtarou and Eru have a conversation. That kind of action is just what you expect from them though.

The highlight of this episode has to be the moment when the distance between our fair Eru and Houtarou changes ever so slightly, doesn’t it? Up until this episode, she’s been ever so flirtatious with Houtarou, but now we see the shyness of a young woman. Oh yum. You can’t call this adolescence without shyness.

Personally, my gauntlet was the final portion where Eru asks “Why don’t we try to figure out why we did this?” Let’s see how cute I could make her. Upturned eyes… hidden mouth…slightly tilted head… Just like a small animal! If our fair maiden was able to pull on your heartstrings ever so slightly, it’d make it all worthwhile.

Thank you for watching.


Backgrounds Aiyou Yamatogi:

Nice to meet everyone, I’m Yamatogi, one of the background artists for episode 19.

This episode focused entirely on Houtarou and Eru’s conversation in the clubroom, so we regulated the backgrounds to reflect the passage of time. In the scene following Eru’s attempt to get close to Houtarou’s face, we made the atmosphere more adolescent than usual.

I was tasked with drawing the background of cat burglar Houtarou’s classroom! It was already cute during the layout phase, but the final version was even cuter!
My other portion was the image of Koubundou. The interior was twisted, curved, and a truly suspicious wine red. Definitely gave off the scent of a crime. It was a trial and error to match my image with the one the director and key animator had. It’s also one of the scenes our photographers were paying close attention to as well.

And then well… to draw the counterfit ten thousand yen bills, I had fun copy and pasting the designs. Did I overdo it?
Remember that good boys and girls don’t become copy cats!

Episode 20: Sappy New Year


Director/Storyboards Rika Oota:

Director/Storyboarder Oota here.

Sappy New Year was a story that I really wanted to do when I read it (grinning the entire time), so I was very pleased when I was tasked with directing/storyboarding this episode.

Let’s start with the first thing that I thought about when I saw the art boards for the incredibly beautiful shrine. “This is definitely the best date spot ever!” (Grin Grin)

And then while the interior of the shed was dark, everyone was able to see how cute Houtarou, ah, and of course Eru too was drawn! (Grin Grin)

When you watch those two, you don’t think about how cold they are. Your first thought is “Ah, adolescence is so nice.” (Grin Grin)

Thank you very much for watching. What a fantastic feast of a tale.


Animation Director Chise Kamoi:

Animation Director Kamoi here.

What did everyone think about the clothing this episode? Were you aware of Eru’s nape and casually amorous attire?

This episode had different attire with Mayaka’s nape showing in her shrine maiden attire and the Houtarouish, yet not Houtarouish white trenchcoat.

Shrine maidens can wear an undershirt underneath their robe (though it has to be white). Revising the color of that might have been a point I became obsessed with. (laughs)

Personally, I liked the scene where Eru/Houtarou give sake to Kaho. Eru gives a look to Houtarou and he knows instantly to hand over the sake to Kaho without a word. They’re just like an old couple!

Seeing the mature Eru and the contrastingly teenager Houtarou together is so cute. Unintentionally we weren’t able to put too much of that in.

If you enjoyed the date episode (smile), it makes us quite pleased. Thank you for watching.


Key Animator Nami Iwasaki:

Entering the new year, this is Iwasaki, one of the key animators for episode 20. What did everyone think?

This time our story takes place in the new year on New Year’s Day. Houtarou, that energy saving Houtarou left the comfort of his warm kotatsu and went to a cold shrine in order to see Eru in a kimono! Even more, he wanted to see her in one after she told him she’d be wearing one!
Well… you can’t help but smile with these two. Honestly…are they dating or not…

And then they’re locked in a shed! AH!!!! You sinful shrine geezer!

A cold locked room… windy breeze…Eru in a kimono…by themselves..

Though he can’t deny the temptation, Houtarou’s preference is to escape the cold. Slightly disappointing, but our Houtarou is a fine gentleman.

Though it’s only a glimpse, episode 20 allows us to get a glimpse of the world that Eru has to act in as a representative of the Chitanda house. Though she’s able to act differently in school, when she’s the Chitanda daughter, she has to do a complex change.

If I had to pick a point to highlight, wouldn’t it be Mayaka in a shrine maiden outfit? Awfully cute. That cosp…shrine maiden outfit suits her so well. Satoshi only appeared briefly in this episode, but you can’t resist smiling at that evil look on his face when he opened the shed. I love him when he’s smiling. Incidentally, we made his smile more evil than it was in the storyboards. I so love it!

It’d please us greatly if you enjoyed all the highlights this episode had to offer. Thanks for watching!

That wraps up stories 5/6 from the fourth novel. Next time we take on the final parts and possibly get some romance?! See you next week!

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