Hyouka episode 17-18 KyoAni comments

As mentioned before, currently Hyouka is being re-broadcast this season by Gifu Broadcasting. This gives me the opportunity to look back and translate the staff comments for the two episodes broadcast each week. This week, we delve into the third big mystery of the show: the Jyuumonji event!

Episode 17: The Kudryavka Order


Animation Director Nao Naitou:

This is Naitou, the animation director for episode 17. With this episode, the culture festival ends.

Each minor story came to its end. We had a great many of our characters appearing sad or troubled. People looking at them wouldn’t be able to understand why they’re sad or troubled and simply go, “I’m jealous of that life you live.” That’s what we were aiming for.

The person we paid attention to this time was Tanabe. For some reason I have this somewhat biased image of glasses characters being these intense, plain, scheming (and this one was scheming) characters. I’m only partially biased!
And so I worked hard to constantly portray him as a “good guy” so that wouldn’t come out in the episode. We should ensure he gives off a kind mood around him…

And this episode gives a fresh look at Satoshi, who had been always smiling up until this episode.

And Kouchi….NOT IN COSPLAY!!!

I’m kind of curious how the members of the manga club finished their culture festival.


Key Animator Teruyoshi Shidou:

Shidou here, I was one of the key animators for episode 17.

I drew the Eru/Irisu scene and the middle portion of the Houtarou/Tanabe scene.
With this being the end of Kanya Fest, the event where every character’s emotions was directed, we wanted to fire ourselves up to finish this important episode and reach a break in the tale.
I like Irisu’s character, so I drew her as someone who focused the atmosphere around her and kept an eye on her sweet underclassmen.
The Houtarou/Tanabe scene was so long, there were three animators allotted to it. Naturally we’ll each differ in our preferred camera angles and subtleties even given the same work materials. Usually it’s uncomfortable for the low person in the hierarchy, but this time it was different. We talked, fired ourselves up, and created a good rhythm between us. I’m not sure I could’ve accomplished my task without doing that. The bicycles were all CG imagery, so we could solely concentrate on the character drawings.
Since this episode didn’t have a lot of flashy movements from the characters, you really sensed that the festival was coming to a close. Personally, I really liked this episode. Thank you for tuning in.


Backgrounds Jouji Unoguchi:

This is Unoguchi, one of the background artists for episode 17.

This episode leads to a stopping point in the bigger story.
If we have to choose a talking point about this episode, it’s got to be that bicycle storage area, right?
Actually, did you notice how we changed the position of the sun between morning and afternoon scenes at the storage area?
Amusingly enough, this episode takes place over a large portion of time, so we worked hard to draw the lighting differently to display the changes in the time of day.
And then we finish the episode with a calm, subdued evening light.

Episode 18: Are the Mountains Sunny?


Director/Storyboards Noriyuki Kitanohara:

Kitanohara here. I directed/storyboarded episode 18.

This episode allowed Houtarou and Eru to see a portion of the other they’d not seen before.

They weren’t aware of the others private hobbies either.

Rather than say Houtarou has another side to him that we’ve not shown since there hasn’t been a chance, this time we finally have the opportunity to show you another part of him.


Key Animator Haruka Fujita:

Nice to meet everyone! I’m Fujita, one of the key animators for episode 18.

The portion of the episode I was tasked with was when Houtarou became curious and everyone was shocked he would go to the library to search for an article.

While working on this scene, I wanted to draw Houtarou’s mood as “In other words… I’m…curious about it.” This would give off the impression that “Houtarou gets curious sometimes.”

When the colors and voice was added as Houtarou said that line, I was just as surprised as the other Classics Club members. I couldn’t stand up and my face became as shocked as Mayaka’s was.

Houtarou becoming curious is a big occasion. And then when I was drawing Eru approaching him after his statement, I put the maximum amount of curiosity in her.

This episode has Eru seeing a soft yet clumsy side to Houtarou that everyone didn’t know. Gradually he’s starting to become brighter than he was when we first met him. It’d please me greatly if everyone was able to sense that Houtarou and the other characters had changed. Thank you very much for watching.


In-between Checker Naoko Fujita:

Hello everyone. This is Fujita and I was the in-between checker for episode 18. Did you all enjoy this episode?

Episode 18 is a nice calm story after the culture festival had ended. I was pleased to help depict a new side to Houtarou and to the scenes of the sky. I hope they gave an airy feeling when in motion.

As for the in-betweens… bicycle…bicycle…we did our best with all the vehicles!
Ah! The helicopters too!
This episode was rich in vehicles.


Backgrounds Yumi Okada:

This is one of the background artists for episode 18, Okada.

In order to show the gradual change in time from after school until twilight, we gradually drew the backgrounds to change bit by bit. with the temperate Kamiyama city and the grandiose Kamikouchi mountain range in this episode, you can’t pick just one background that’s the best, can you?

I was tasked with drawing the background for the delusion scene with Eru and Houtarou riding her bicycle. When I first thought about that scene, I thought that he would be riding behind her. And it became true in the episode. It was a pleasure to work on.

This episode had a really sorrowful feeling throughout it. We matched the changes in Houtarou and Eru’s minds with backgrounds to fit their current moods. I think everyone will enjoy this one.

And now Kanya Fest is over and the mystery behind Ogi and the helicopters is solved. Now we’ll head into the rest of the fourth novel in the next four episodes. Look forward to them!

One thought on “Hyouka episode 17-18 KyoAni comments

  1. The gradual change in hue and position of sunlight was easy enough to notice back in episode 5. However, with how much they put their efforts on the same thing these two episodes made me felt stupid for not noticing it before.

    Thank you once again for translating these.

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