Hyouka episode 15-16 KyoAni comments

As mentioned before, currently Hyouka is being re-broadcast this season by Gifu Broadcasting. This gives me the opportunity to look back and translate the staff comments for the two episodes broadcast each week. This week, we delve into the third big mystery of the show: the Jyuumonji event!

Episode 15: The Jyuumonji Incident

Director/Storyboards Hiroko Utsumi:

This is the director/storyboarder for episode 15, Utsumi.

This time we’re in the second day of the festival! In this episode there’s quite a few instances which build up to make this episode begin the mystery.

While Houtarou is the immoveable salesman, the other three do their best. Looking back on Eru and Tougaito’s conversation, it becomes a comedic moment. We wanted to make Eru serious in this scene, so we couldn’t over-do it with the comedic portions.
Like Tougaito’s cramped facial expression.

We thought surely he’s used to dealing with girls, so we had him thank Eru with a sweet smile and added a hunk filter to it.

Tani… well the key animators were quite picky about him.

Mayaka’s confrontation scene was already called intense in the storyboard phase, but it became even more treacherous in the final version so to say.
We took great caution for her “patience, patience somehow” appearance so it looked like she was about to cry, but didn’t…

With all the various things to focus on, personally I was in charge of Satoshi.

As he gradually got wrapped up in this incident, he changed from the usual Satoshi and started to believe he could solve this case. When he first went into the Magic Club’s showing he was confident that he’d be able to find the culprit easily. It excited him. Later that night, during his monologue, he became vexed by Houtarou and his soul was decided. The part after his smile disappeared was frank if I had to say. He was so lovely during that part!!

Didn’t it feel like you were getting a glimpse of the inside of Satoshi? This is lovely!

Anyways, we are pleased if you were able to enjoy this episode. Please continue to watch!

Key Animator Midori Nonoue:

This is Nonoue, one of the key animators for episode 15.

Though each of the Classics Club members had their own troubles and struggles this episode, our director Utsumi called it “The so-called Satoshi episode!☆”

Though I regret to inform you that I did not draw Satoshi this episode. My meal ticket was solely Houtarou and the Manga Club. I know, you can’t believe that in this important and astringent episode of Hyouka>, I spent my days drawing girls in cosplay.
For this episode, the only one tasked with drawing them was myself. Truthfully, I don’t know what kind of series I could draw by myself, but once I was done, Mayaka was to feel gloomy in peace.
Oh, isn’t that just an awful scene though.

As I was instructed at first to make Houtarou’s lunch multicultural, I spent some time researching food from each Asian nation. However, the recipes and types covered a vast amount of food. Also, there would be no time for the meal to be made as an odd job. Houtatou’s older sister’s feminine power wasn’t even halfway completed.

This episode had a lot of women appearing, so it turned out to be a lot of fun. Some may be in a minor role, but together they help to add the important reality component. I’m pleased if you’re able to feel how deep the show becomes because of them.

In-between Checker Emi Nakano:

This is episode 15’s in-between checker, Nakano.

Episode 15 is the episode where we rousingly prove what the rules are for the Jyuumonji Incident. Who’s behind all of this?…. You’ll just have to stay curious.

Personally, I’m curious where Houtarou’s Straw Millionaire trading game will go…
How does Tani keep his hair so silky smooth…
I’m very curious.

While I was working on the episode, that curiosity kept me entertained. It’d make me happy if all our viewers were entertained as well.

I’m curious what everyone thought.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to be young… and in high school, isn’t it?

Color Coordinator Naomi Ishida:

I’m the color coordinator for episode 15, Ishida.
I think I’ll talk about one of the more impressive scenes from episode 15.

The image in the opening scene when Satoshi was depicting the “Master Detective of the Classics Club” was Director Utsumi’s own image from a vampire manga. Combine Houtarou’s pose with a suspicious red background that made you go “who is that?” and you’re guaranteed to have a scene that people will remember from the episode. I’d not had the opportunity to work on one of those rare red night scenes, but because it was part of episode 14’s preview, I had to hurriedly finish it.

Naturally, I was satisfied with my work, but I ask that you allow me to think it’s good similar to how Irisu would say it’s nice.

Though my desire to have everyone enjoy the show continues, I thank you all for watching.

Episode 16: The Final Target

Director/Storyboards Kazuya Sakamoto:

This is the director/storyboarder for episode 16, Sakamoto.

Houtarou: “This involves a very adult topic. Are you sure you want to hear?”
Eru: “A very adult topic?! I’m curious!!”
Houtarou: “What?”
Mayaka: “That’s right! Tell us about it too!”
Satoshi: “What?”
Eru: “What adult topics was Oreki going to talk to Fukube about……
I’m! Curious!!”

……What would Houtarou have done in this situation? I’m interested in that.

And so I directed this episode keeping that simple question in mind.

I’d say that this arc, The Kudryavka Order, shines a spotlight on the other three members of the Classics Club rather than Houtarou. Each of them have their own complexities and problems they encounter which changes how they act. Episode 16 particularly shows how Satoshi settles that dispute inside himself.
This is a part of growing up, isn’t it.

Well, it was full of Satoshi’s smiles for me.

Key Animator Hiroshi Karata:

This is one of the key animators for episode 16, Karata.

I was responsible for the scenes in the manga clubroom and the conversation between Houtarou and Satoshi on the crosswalk.

It has been a while since I drew minor characters, so drawing them in the manga clubroom was very fun. Especially with the variety of outfits they were wearing.

Also, one of the key points of this episode was when Satoshi’s emotions let loose on Houtarou. (I can say he let loose since I was in charge of this scene) I kept that emotion in mind while I was drawing his facial expressions and gestures. It’ll make me happy if my Satoshi turns out not like the usual happy Satoshi.

Color Coordinator Kana Miyata:

I’m Miyata and I was the color coordinator for episode 16.

Did you enjoy this episode?
We’ve entered the final day of the cultural festival.
This time, each section had to experiment with colors for Mayaka being splashed with dirty water.
The finishing staff ensured there was dirty water on top of the desk (even though it was just a few drops). It was quite through.
Please enjoy the water presentation.

And this episode had the debut of Radio show host Yoshino. Though he only appeared a little, his impact was quite large. Definitely a highlight of the episode!!

Everyone, please enjoy the final day of the cultural festival. Thank you for watching.

Backgrounds Ikuko Tamine:

Tamine here. I was in charge of drawing backgrounds for episode 16 of Hyouka.

This episode continues from the previous episode, so we drew the backgrounds even more excited about the cultural festival.
In order to show the zeal each club had for their events, we decorated the entire hall with banners and decorations. Just one look and you’ll unintentionally see their hard work and go back to your student days.
If everyone who watched felt the same as we did, it’s a work well done.

While there’s plenty of highlights in the episode, I think the core part of the story happened to be about Houtarou and Satoshi’s friendship. Especially Satoshi’s expressions and emotions, right?
The backgrounds were also secretly done to reflect the emotions of the characters on screen. Pay attention to the contrast between the light and shadows.

We’re just a little bit aways from the truth, so look forward to next time!

Another week down and we’re one episode away from finishing the Kudrvaka arc. While I greatly enjoyed the lighter atmosphere in episodes 12-14, these two episodes really helped bring everything together and executed the dramatic portions very well. I greatly enjoyed viewing them when I first watched the series. Next week, we finish the Kanya Fest, and question weather over mountain ranges. Look forward to it!

One thought on “Hyouka episode 15-16 KyoAni comments

  1. Haha, I’m so glad to see you changed the first image for episode 16. It fits so well with the hypothetical situation.

    The one constant that really sticks out when I read he comments for this arc has to be the mentioning of Satoshi in every comment thus far. full of Satoshi’s smiles (and frowns) indeed.

    I continue to be amazed at the amount of attention given to the body language, and especially facial expressions to carry over not only the inner emotions but also to help us to get to learn a little more about the cast (Mayaka and Satoshi’s were easy enough to notice, Tougaito’s on the other hand gives more insight into what sort of person he is. Hunk *pfft*)

    My favourite comment following Sakamoto’s was Nonoue’s. ”I know, you can’t believe that in this important and astringent episode of Hyouka>, I spent my days drawing girls in cosplay.” I guess this was a very fun show to work on!

    Much thanks and gratitude on working on this. This is really enjoyable to read and extremely insightful.

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