Hyouka episode 13-14 KyoAni comments

Welcome back to another week of Hyouka comments. The series is currently re-airing on Gifu Broadcasting, so I’ve taken the opportunity to translate the staff comments of the two episodes that aired today. Well, as you’ll see, I had to get a little creative this week. Now, shall we venture back into Kanya Fest?

Episode 13: A Corpse by Evening


Photographer Norihiro Tomita:

I’m the director of photography for episode 13, Norihiro Tomita.

In this episode, a Tarot card was lost.

Who is this Jyuumonji?
What is their purpose?
I’m curious!!

How has Mayaka and Kouchi’s relationship changed?
Has she found A Corpse by Evening?
I’m curious!!

And then I’m really curious about who Kouchi will cosplay as next!!

So in order to liven up the setting and to make the cultural festival feel livelier, we not only applied filters, we also used 3D CG to make minor characters appear here and there. How many people did we add? Please check it out for yourselves.

There’s still more to come in this cultural festival. The fun’s just begun. Please enjoy the bustling festival with the Classics club.

So here’s usually the point where I start translating the next comment. We have a problem though. Episode 13 only had this one comment on the site. Since I don’t want to shortchange the readers, here’s a bonus translation of a few blog entries dealing with production of a show:
2012/07/13: Festival Season

And so, this time we infiltrated the digital paint room.

A screen of a computer in the “finishing” stage.

This section, under the “color supervisor” or color key, coordinates the colors, finishes (colors), inspects, adds special effects, etc for each episode.

As all the process has moved to digital production, computers with special software for coloring the images are used.

Let’s zoom in a bit…


And so it looks like this at the moment.

Each person has their own style. People try out different methods when they’re coming into their own style to produce images quickly and accurately.

I was surprised when I first saw the staff work. They were typing on the keyboard so quickly. If you’re not able to hit a certain key quickly, you’re not able to work properly…

And so that’s the digital paint room used to color Hyouka!

2012/07/27: Infiltrating the Digital Imaging Development Room Pt 1

Continuing on from last time, let’s sneak into the digital imaging development room!

This section working in “photography.” In addition to combining painted cels with backgrounds, they add various effects and complete the images that come into your living room.

In the past it was called photography due to using a camera to literally photograph a cut, but now this whole process is done on computers.

Here we have screens when episode 1 was being worked on.

Screen when animation frame and background are combined

The screen when effects are added

I’m sparkling!

By adding effects, Eru’s divineness is amplified! The illusion of depth is created by scattering light along the front part of the image.

2012/08/03: Infiltrating the Digital Imaging Development Room Pt 2

Like last time, we will talk about the digital imaging room.
This post is an introduction to the 3DCG imaging process.
This scene from the third episode was Eru’s memories made to appear like a pop-up book.

Episode 3 scene

Using 3D software, we have created an image that looks like a real pop-up book!

3D Software screen

When played, a page moves and the image pops up from the next page. It really gives you the impression that Eru’s memories of her uncle really look like a picture book.

But if you look on the right side, you’ll see 1, 2, 3, 4 cameras…. that’s quite a lot. Do we really need this many cameras for one scene….(laughs)

Each blog post had more text, but those detailed the website and the surrounding episodes, so I’ve left those untranslated for this purpose. I hope it makes up for the lack of comments from the staff on episode 13.

Episode 14: Wild Fire


Director/Storyboards Naoko Yamada:

This is Yamada. I was in charge of directing and storyboarding episode 14: Wild Fire.

When I read The Kudryavka Sequence, I felt each of the Classic Club’s members’ thoughts were so loveable. Thus for this episode I greatly selected a set of scenes that would show their determination to express that loveable nature of the members.

Though each of the four’s methods are different, their goal is the same. When their hearts are synchronized, it’s a beautiful sight.

Ah, high school students are so wonderful.


Key Animator Fumie Okano:

I’m Okano and I was one of the key animators for episode 14.

This time in Hyouka we had quite a lot of action, tons of highlights, tons of characters, and tons of tiny objects!!!! Of particular note is the big crowd surrounding the Classics Club’s kitchen in the cooking challenge…. as time went on, they began to change, making the kitchen more exciting.
With the running Mayaka, the cute pumpkins, the shouting Hyoutarou, the slightly overwhelmed Irisu, the long-sleeves and apron Satoshi, the grinning cooking club president and vice president, the wonderful cooking skills of Eru, and so on… There were so many highlights this episode. We’re pleased if you were able to enjoy the variety of scenes this week.


Special Effects Rina Miura:

Miura here. I had the privilege of working on episode 14’s special effects.

In order to show lovely food, you should first be acquainted with how it’s supposed to appear. When the time came to work on this episode, I relied on the power of civilization. I used the web to find pictures.

Many kinds of meat, and bream in shells… That cooking club is quite amazing. Imomochi, teriyaki amberjack, omelets, shrimp and vegetable fritters…I was hungry.
I wonder which team took the fish heads.
Imitation cooking… imitation cooking? Imitation cooking?! Even Takeda, our own Satoshi-like database had no idea what that was.

I’m curious!!!

Ha….No! I mustn’t. I just gazed upon it.

With all the straying and running around to finish dishes, how could you cook?
We’re sorry if our late night broadcast made people hungry. Please go to sleep following the episode and then make breakfast when you awake. …Primarily through imitation cooking.

And that’s it for this week. The wild fire has been put out and we’re moving on to the next set of episodes dealing with the lost items. What’ll happen next week?

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