Hyouka episode 11-12 KyoAni comments

Today, we see why Houtarou ends up being a “fool,” what it takes to recover from being one, and just why the students at Kamiyama High School wanted to keep their festival to 5 days back in the 1960s. It’s the end of one arc, an anime original episode, and the start of a new arc! Let’s see what this week’s Hyouka comments say!

Episode 11: End Roll of the Fool


Animation Director Kayo Hikiyama:

This is episode 11’s animation direct Hikiyama.

Compared to last episode when Houtarou was flying high, this episode had many bitter and painful emotions for him. Though I feel it was bitter for him, I enjoyed depicting his gradual bewilderment and eventually rage throughout his conversations with Mayaka, Satoshi, Eru, and Irisu.

At the beginning of the series, Houtarou was not a character who expressed his emotions in a grand way. We had to ensure that we didn’t overdo it for him, but we became aware that there was a gap in conversations starting in episode 6… So we mainly focused and did our best for Eru and Houtarou’s conversations. For the other characters, especially Satoshi, we asked the key animators to do their best. It was unusual for Houtarou to look as frantic as he did when he realized he was being fooled. Personally, I liked that pitiful expression he had in that scene.

Excluding Irisu, the other three showed their concern for how Houtarou would feel by not completely saying they thought the ending was horrible. It’s nice that you get a glimpse of their feelings but… Satoshi’s blunt attack at times felt very suspicious. When I first read the novel, I was like Eru: curious over what Hongou had in mind. I never could have predicted Irisu’s intentions. Such is an empress for you.

Now then, let us talk about the Mysteries of the Tarot which appeared in the A part. The front cover and contents were my own design. I drew each of the line drawings that the camera closed in on. It took a surprising amount of time to draw all of them. When I showed the first draft of the cover to the director, he said “maybe it should look more abnormal” and rejected it. That is why it feels such. The text should read clearly and appear simple. For some reason, this took so much time from the original layout. I was the assistant animation director on episode 4 while working on it, but it meant nothing if the audience didn’t see my work. At any rate, the simplicity of it was my primary goal.

The key animators may expand on this in their comments, but the staff had some trouble when drawing the relationships between Konosou and the others. I enjoyed checking over that scene in the second half of the episode. The answer to why she stabbed him isn’t spelled out, so people who watch can come to their own conclusions.☆

This was my first time as an animation director, so I was running around from start until the finish. From here on I’ll concentrate more.

This is the final episode in the “Fool” arc. If you enjoyed it even a little, that makes me very pleased. Thank you very much for watching!


Key Animator Ryouhei Muta:

This is Muta, one of the key animators for episode 11, the last episode of “Endroll of the Fool.”

The scene with Satoshi and Houtarou came out the way it did because the director commented “I really like Satoshi.” So I worked brilliantly on it. That serious face of Satoshi, one you don’t commonly see, is so charming!! That’s what I remembered thinking as I was working on that scene. Restraining that rushed Houtarou was also heartbreaking.

Were you tasked with any other reminiscence scenes you might ask. I worked on the scene with Konousou and Kaitou in the movie as well.

Oh what happened to the original script… The mystery was already written, but the director appeared to get too wrapped up in their delusions. At the very end, Konousou’s quiet(?) and calm expression was left after the delusions took the story in a crazy direction. What did Konosou and Kaito talk about… Everyone, please be curious about it!

I was also tasked with the final scene in the clubroom. How can I cure that dejected heart of Houtarou’s?! Pay attention to what Eru does in this portion.

“Oh, make Eru cuter!” I can’t give in when the director and animation director’s cries are that loud! Swing the hair, swing the hair, swing the hair…
At any rate, did Eru’s cuteness befuddle you? I thought “That’s how I’ll heal Houtarou!” as I was working on that scene. It’d please me if Eru’s cuteness healed all of you who watched.

And so that was episode 11. It’s that kind of episode.

I… wasn’t able to draw Irisu even once. Wait…


Key Animator Emi Kitamura:

I am Kitamura and I was a key animator for episode 11.

This was the final episode of “Endroll of the Fool.” Houtarou got angry. How unusal!

I was able to draw Irisu for the first time. That was quite the pleasure. Cold women are quite nice! She was quite calm during the entire discussion with Houtarou, yet you saw her shaking a little when she was in her own room. I like how humanesque that felt.

And then the scene where Houtarou and the characters in the movie were puppets was quite cute and yet disgusting at the same time…or was it? Personally, that was my favorite scene. I think you can definitely find new things in in if you look.

Thank you so much for watching!


Special Effects Shizuka Uno:

This is Uno. I was tasked with special effects for episode 11.

Houtarou was quite depressed this episode. Very grey! I worked quite hard so that his eyes also reflected his mood more than usual this episode.

It’s quite pitiful to remember how his eyes shined when Irisu called him “special” in episode 10 now. This bitter feeling of adolescence has been felt many many times.

Keep at it Houtarou!

Episode 11.5: What I Should Have Is

Episode 11.5 did not have any comments from the staff at Kyoto Animation, but it was the first BD that I imported from the series, so I have written a review and posted my comments regarding the episode here.

Episode 12: The Thingies That are Piled up Without End


Scriptwriter Katsuhiko Muramoto:

I’m Muramoto and I wrote the script/scenario for episode 12.

Since this is the first part of the Kudryavka Sequence arc, I wanted to start the episode with that nervousness and excitement you get when the cultural festival is about to begin. What kan ya see at Kanya Fest? Anything and everything! (informal definition)

Each of the four Classics Club members enjoyed the festival in their own ways. Houtarou was his usual energy saving self. Eru was attracted to the varity of exhibits. Mayaka, feeling down over her mistake, returned to the manga club and tried to make up for it and enjoy her work at the same time. Satoshi… Satoshi was… enjoying life as he does. Incidentally, his Saturn was something Eru Sattled him with. (added afterwards)

Will they sell all the anthologies? What’ll happen to Mayaka at the Manga club? How was the apple juice lost? Why was the fountain pen exchanged for a badge? Will the Engineering Club’s Enterprise safely fly? To find these answers, look forward to next week’s “The Sunken U.S.S. Enterprise!”
*Note: there is a mistake in this comment. Episode 13’s title is “A Corpse by Evening.”


Director/Storyboards Taiichi Ogawa:

This is episode 12’s director Ogawa.

I served as the assistant director for episode 3, but this was my first challenge as director and storyboarder for an episode. I truly wasn’t able to take care of things by myself…
With the help of the staff around me, we were able to deliver this episode to you, the viewing audience. I thank the staff from the bottom of my heart!

Anyways, the cultural festival has finally started in episode 12!

It’s finally here… but unfortunately, the Classics Club starts their first cultural festival with a bit of trouble. Each member tries to resolve this situation during the cultural festival.

Early in the 12th episode, Eru has to do her best! Keep walking!!
But miss Eru Chitanda is quite the inquisitive child. With so many events and booths being held at the cultural festival, there’s no way she wouldn’t be distracted.

I think that “Will Eru be able to fight her urges and get to her destination?” sensation is one of the highlights of this episode. Definitely. I searched through a dictionary trying to find the proper word for that sensation, but I couldn’t find a correct word as I flipped through the pages…surely there’s one…

Oh well, seeing Eru like that multiple times throughout the episode was really cute.

By the way, my favorite scene this episode was when Eru knocked on the council door and got no response. “?” That “huh?” mistaken look on her face was sooo cute! I could die from the cuteness!

Episode 12 had quite a lot of highlights. Can I talk about them all… One that stood out to me was the breakdancing scene. That was quite the fancy feat!

And then the usually stout Mayaka appeared a bit weaker this episode due to her internal struggle over her mistakes. Maybe you weren’t able to see that. Fight on Mayaka! We want to root for you!

And then, and then, I am so thankful to have worked on the cosplay photos! Those images from the animation director and key animator were drawn sooo cutely!

One of the characteristics of the original novel for the culture festival story was that the tale was told from the points of view of the four Classics Club members. For the anime version, we wanted to put all four characters in the spotlight; not just Houtarou.
Especially Satoshi and Mayaka. When you come in touch with their meek souls, perhaps you’ll find those scenes a bit pitiful…

Also, I wanted the cultural festival to give off a different taste than the Hyouka everyone knew for people to enjoy.
We worked as hard as we could to make a cultural festival that was top of the top. If you enjoyed it even a little, we’re happy to hear that.

And so, keep continuing to support the show from here onwards.


Key Animator Shinpei Sawa:

This is one of episode 12’s key animators, Sawa.

With Tanebe, Eru playing karuta, and many other festival events, I had a lot to work on this episode.

At least, Kamiyama High School’s cultural festival has arrived. With it just beginning, it felt very brilliant and noisy. Animating all the minor characters throughout the scenes was a bit of a hassle this time.

I enjoyed putting minor characters enjoying themselves in places secretly. They’re all over the screen in places you’re surprised to see someone in. We included them that way as another way for you to enjoy the episode.

My favorite two are the Enterprise duo with characters on their head.


Background Supervisor Tomoki Hiraishi:

This is the background supervisor for episode 12, Hiraishi.

At last Kanya Fest has finally begun. There’s many things happening in this rose-colored world. So much that we put a lot of work into making this feel like a real cultural festival.

In order for it to feel like a festival, we made the backgrounds brighter than usual. If that brightness transcends the screen to our viewers, we’re quite pleased.

Thanks to everyone who watched.

And so we end one arc and start a new one. Personally, I thought they did a wonderful job conveying the whole festival atmosphere in episode 12. The brighter backgrounds and minor characters inserted everywhere made the festival feel so realistic and grand. It really felt like a festival (and dampered my viewing of the Endless Eight episodes last year during the re-watch). It’s one of the most technically wonderful pieces I’ve seen from KyoAni. Next week: Naoko Yamada’s WILD FIRE!

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