Hyouka episode 9-10 KyoAni comments

Ready to “fool” around with more Hyouka comments? Today we get to delve into the mystery presented from class 2-F.

Episode 9: The Furuoka Deserted Village Murder Case


Animation Director Chiyoko Ueno:

I’m the animation director for episode 9, Ueno.

This episode had many deduction scenes from our upperclassmen detectives. The key animators were excitedly working to give it a drama show feeling during those portions. Afterwards, Eru was really cute as she was a bit intoxicated from eating those chocolates. It was a bit different from how cute she usually is though.

I’m pleased if everyone enjoyed this episode. Thank you for watching.


Key Animator Kunihiro Hane:

This is Hane, one of the key animators for episode 9.

The highlight of this episode had to be our “special” upperclassmen. I was one of the main animators tasked with their scenes.

Since we share a character in our names, I definitely looked after Haba so I could put in his intelligence and sarcasm. We also share glasses and long hair, so I felt a bit of kinship with him.

Among our three detectives, was Haba’s solution not the one that pulled you in the most? It makes me happy if you got that feeling from it.

But of course our upperclassmen’s fun was dispatched by the Drunken Fist of Chitanda-san. That fist is mighty strong. Her gradual drunkenness from those whiskey chocolates was also a highlight of the episode.

Actually, it might not stand out, but you’ll notice her movements and expressions get a little lax, so please pay attention to them.


Photographer Kouhei Funamoto:

Funamoto here. I was one of the photographers for episode 9.

This episode was the tale of the three upperclassmen detectives. I think each of their personalities made the episode quite enjoyable.

The highlight this time was Eru getting drunk from eating bonbons. Pay attention to her cute expressions and movements!

As a photographer, I’m pleased if everyone enjoys the filters and CG we put in.

Please enjoy our upperclassmen’s solutions!

Episode 10: The Blind Spot of Everyone


Animation Director Hiroyuki Takahashi:

This is Takahashi, the animation director.

This episode featured Houtarou mostly…or it was supposed to. Irisu wasn’t going to be half-left out. She’s quite powerful, you know.
When he  took her hand, Houtarou looked quite lovely, or rather, a bit different than the Houtarou we’ve known up until now. It almost seemed pitiful.
Satoshi and Mayaka are quite sharp though. They quietly praise the movie instead of being boastful about what he missed.


Color Coordinator Akiyo Takeda:

I’m Takeda and I had the privilege of working as the color coordinator for episode 10.

When I was reading the novel I said “AH!” at the same time Houtarou did when Mayaka pointed out the missing rope…
I wanted to give everyone watching that “AH!” sensation I felt for this episode. Did everyone realize it at the same time Houtarou did?

Houtarou definitely needs the other Classics Club members, doesn’t he?

On the other hand, I was really thinking “poor Houtarou.” He’s at his wits end, isn’t he?

Next time is the real “solving the mystery” episode, so please look forward to it! Hope everyone continues to watch!


Photographer Akihiro Ura:

Ura here. I was one of the photographers for episode 10.

Houtarou’s emotions were really on display this episode. We tried to match those emotions through our photography this episode through techniques like loading the atmosphere so it would convey what he was feeling.

Also we used some CG in the solution scene as well as other scenes to help improve the mood.

Looks like Houtarou wants a rose-colored life, doesn’t he? I think you’ll enjoy the story as you pay attention to how he changes.

But what about the rope?! Honestly, I’m surprised that wasn’t brought up more often, but they do like to focus on characters (see all the Eru comments previously). Personally, I’m pleased this post is under 1,000 words after the marathons that the last four episodes were on. We’ll conclude this arc and start a new one next week. I’ll also have a surprise in that post too. Look forward to it!

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