Hyouka episode 1-2 KyoAni comments

Beginning today, January 12 2013, the Spring 2012 series Hyouka will be re-aired in Gifu on Gifu Broadcasting for 11 weeks with 2 episodes aired weekly. Since this was the first series the staff wrote comments on each episode for and I haven’t translated them, I figured this would be a good way to start sharing them. We’ll cover the two episodes aired each Saturday for 11 weeks. Without further adu, let’s go back to the Classics Club!

Episode 1: The Revival of the Long-established Classic Literature Club

Episode Director/Storyboarder Yasuhiro Takemoto:

Hyouka has finally begun. We have finally broadcast it to all of you viewers.

We put our all into this work. Because we put everything we had into this episode, it ran over and so we did not include the ending animation….Well, I’m sure it’ll show up later. Please wait for it.

Did you enjoy the first episode? If you did, please look forward to watching the next episode. If you did not, definitely give the second episode a try. With all four members of the Classics Club gathered together, the activities of the club begin from that point. I ask you to look forward to it!


Animation Director Futoshi Nishiya:

This is Nishiya. I was in charge of directing the animation for episode 1.

At last, Hyouka has finally begun. I wanted each member of the Classics Club to move around vividly!

In this episode, my favorite scene was the final scene with Houtarou and Satoshi walking.

Feeling guilty over how he treated Eru, Houtarou walked with his eyes downcast. When Satoshi told him he had only “prolonged the status quo”, he looked up and in tune with the music asked “prolonged?” He looked as innocent as a boy in that moment.

Well, next time Mayaka will be introduced, so look forward to that episode!


Background Supervisor Shuuhei Okude:

This is the art director for Hyoua, Okude. This time I served as the background supervisor for the first episode.

In the first episode, the stage was the high school the Classics Club attend: Kamiyama High. Since it was the first episode, everyone in the background staff put everything they had in drawing the backgrounds.

In the A-part, the classroom as well as the clubroom had that “after-school” feeling to it, but since the B-part took place on a rainy day, that “after-school” feeling was absent. It was more gloomy instead.

Supervisor Takemoto ordered that the backgrounds for Hyouka have a “bitter ambiance.” We moved forward having pinned down the flashiness, hue, and vividness of the images.
Only Eru’s “I’m curious!” scene in the A-part of episode 1 was very bright, both in key animation and in backgrounds. The other scenes were made to give a different impression.
While working on that scene, I personally made an effor to make Houtarou and Eru’s first meeting scene one that would be a pretty as a painting.

Hyouka began with a cut of sakura petals falling, but I think people will enjoy it until the very very end.

Episode 2:The Activities of the Esteemed Classic Literature Club


Animation Director Miku Kadowaki:

Hello everyone, this is the animation director for episode 2, Miku Kadowaki.

Mayaka has debuted!
Thanks to the key animators drawing her hair moving softly, she felt lively. Do you think her charming expressions were in full display this episode?
I was pleased to see the abundant expressions Houtarou had whenever the shining Mayaka and Eru came in close to his face. They were enjoyable.
Speaking of which, he’s an energy conserver, yet how does he tame that bed head of his… I’m curious!


Key Animator Masaya Makita:

This is key animator Makita.

In this episode, the fourth Classics Club member Mayaka as well as Sawaguchi-senpai were introduced.
Unfortunately, I did not have anything to do with Sawaguchi-senpai, but I was in charge of the first cut where Mayaka appears.
It would make me very happy if everyone thinks the sharp side of our little Mayaka is cute.


Key Animator Takuya Yamamura:

I am Takuya Yamamura and I had the privilege of being a key animator for episode 2.

Our fourth member of the Classics Club sure had an introduction! Unfortunately, I did not have anything to do with her drawings.

What did everyone think of Eru in the scenes she was in with Houtarou? I tried to have her move as a noble’s daughter would… It was a difficult struggle, but I finally memorized how to have her hair move in order to look pretty and win viewers over.

In order for her to move like a noble’s daughter in the way I felt she would, I showed my work to the people around me. I repeatedly showed it to them until they smiled at what I accomplished (sweats).

So next time we’ll begin with the secret confession Eru has inside her. Just what could it be?! I ask that you look forward to it!!!


Color Coordinator Mayumi Nagayasu:

The second episode is where Mayaka first appears.
Since she speaks so frankly, you’re likely to have a very intense first impression of her, but she also moves so cutely!!
I thought “her eyelashes as so cute!” as I inspected that scene.

I did my best to maintain the hues we set for this work. Even in the same room, a character will be shaded different when they are near or far from the window.

You have to apply that feeling to everywhere in a work. You have to fixate over every single section of the frame. I think that part has its own enjoyment thought!

And so there’s the comments the staff had for the first two episodes of Hyouka. I’ll do my best to have next week’s comments up soon after the re-airing is shown at 25:30 JST next Saturday!

5 thoughts on “Hyouka episode 1-2 KyoAni comments

  1. This is quite a nice surprise. Scratch that, this is an awesome surprise for me. I was wondering when I read the stuff comments you posted for Chuunibyou that was there a similar thing for Hyouka.

    On the contents, I particularly enjoy reading Yamamura-san’s comment about how he tried to make Eru move like a noble’s daugther. I felt something was off when people made a joke that Tamako looks like Eru in the ED. Now I think I know. She doesn’t have that elegant air Eru processed…I think. And looks like a lot of effort was indeed put into the lighting and hue in this show. I’m curious what they have to say about the rest of the show already.

    Once again thank you, and keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the rest of them.

  2. I love these posts, and I’m glad we finally have translated stuff comments for Hyouka. You made me rewatch episodes 1 and 2!

    When I was watching them I noticed again how high the quality for this show was. I mean, I enjoyed Chuunikoi, but I can’t say it had the same production value as Hyouka to me, maybe because it was more of a comedy show (but I liked Nichijou better, so I really don’t know).

    Anyway, thanks a lot, and keep ’em coming!

  3. The staff did a really great job with the facial expressions here, especially when it came to Mayaka. I love how they decided to do away with typical anime expressions and go for something more realistic with those character designs.

    It might not be much, but ever since K-On came out KyoAni has had one TV series make it to sakugawiki’s recommended list of anime every year. It’s great that the staff keep getting better and maintain the same production quality throughout a series’ run even if there are dips like Hyouka 17, which also happened to be the finale of that arc. I would love to hear their comments on that and the Kanya festival as a whole.

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