Chuunibyou final episode cast comments!

And in a surprise, the main five cast members added comments to be shared after the final episode was aired. Without further delay, here is our main cast!chuunicast
Message from Jun Fukuyama:

To Yuuta
Oy! Yuuta! Don’t you dare let that Dark Flame Master side of you gradually come out! You got that?! Well, it’s real power is to win over Rikka, so it’s alright! (heh heh) But it doesn’t have any magical powers… it’s definitely….a virgin power!! (heh heh)

To the viewers
Things can appear at any time without any notice from the beginning until the end. Though some knowledge may be meeting the end, young hearts and minds are also meeting. It’s not an end; it’s truly a beginning. The beginnings of the end have not yet spun, so there is still hope. After destruction, there is always creation. Heavenly children, wait until the promised day and hope!

Message from Maaya Uchida:

To Rikka
RIKKA!! I love you Rikka!

Until now, I’ve voiced you. Each of your phrases has become something I’ve treasured. Thank you so much. I really love you! I want us to stay together!♪

To the viewers
Our three month period has safely been terminated. It’s been a loving work, characters, staff, and all the fans who loved chuunibyou. I think this show is filled with love. I’m so happy everyone fell in love with Rikka as well. I thank everyone watching/involved in this show very much!

Message from Chinatsu Akasaki:

To Shinka
Shinka, please be careful leaving information on blogs on the internet. (ha ha)

You were supposed to have a rose-colored high school life, but that changed greatly once your dark history was revealed. You were supposed to have many people wanting you as their bride due to your helpfulness and thoughtfulness!

There’s still more to do as you’re now in the “motherly” role for everyone(?). Keep at it!

To the viewers
Firstly, thank you for watching us! All of a sudden we’ve reached the 12th episode. It’s all concentrated into highlights for me! Definitely re-watch the episodes again and see the direction the show took. Also, please watch the BD/DVDs! I will also watch closely since I was also tweeting during my initial viewing of the show!

Message from Azumi Asakura:

To Kumin
Usually you’re laidback with a carefree smile, but at times, you’re very sensitive to the important things going on. You should learn more about that. Please take care of that kindness, my “goes at her own pace” Kumin-chan. ♪

To the viewers
I’m happy you enjoyed this “chuunibyou but not chuunibyou” show. ♪ Everyone was different and had their own phrases, yet all were able to share happiness in that world.

…That was a somewhat sober comment… My soulmates! We shall meet again on blu-ray! This is kharma from our previous existances! Please remember me kindly. (heh)

Message from Sumire Uesaka:

To Sanae
Deko-chan! No, the first servant of the Wicked eye, Sanae Dekomori! No one can resist loving how you put all your energy into acting as her servant and frolicking around!

There have been numerous instances where concentrating on your dark powers has resonated inside myself. It was incredibly fun and stimulating to perform as you. When you let your hair down, it was lovely and made you look like an adult, but the Mjölnir Hammer twintails suit Deko-chan the best! As long as you have powers of darkness, swing them around! Please continue to be my cute and cheeky friend after this! Gehehehe!

To the viewers
Ladies and Gentlemen….
To the the people with eyes who were destined to view harshness and minced brains….
To the people who have no state due to tabula rasa….
I usher you near my chest, my precious brethren…
into a demiseless blue dance,
with shared time,
I shall lead you to an eternity dream in eden!

(Thank you to everyone who continued to watch until the very end! The blu-rays are loaded with bonus footage for you to repeat over and over again!)

And there’s all the comments that are currently available on the website. If any more are added for episode 13, I shall share those as well. Again, thanks to everyone who continued to read these every week. Your encouragement helped drive me to finish posts faster and faster each week. I really appreciate your support.

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