Chuunibyou episode 11 KyoAni comments

Another week has gone by, but this week felt different than usual. Instead of a happy, comedic, or even romantic episode of Chuunibyou, we had sorrow, sorrow, and more sorrow. Let’s see what was going on with the staff at KyoAni!

Production Sketch:

Casually clothed Rikka. Rikka has removed her eyepatch. Will this have an effect on her clothing as well?

Staff comments!
Director Eisaku Kawanami:

So then this is the 11th episode of Chuunibyou. I’m the director of this episode. They call me Kawanami. This is the third time I’ve introduced myself, isn’t it?

We’re in autumn now. You can hear winter’s footsteps around the corner. A cold, small breeze has also gotten into Rikka and Yuuta. Rikka is trying to change as Yuuta watches over her.

Everyone’s thoughts are at separate ends. Dekomori and Nibutani’s emotions are complicated…. I worked very carefully to incorporate that spontaneous pitter-patter their hearts were going through.

As we started to turn towards the climax, the mood becomes tense. Was chuunibyou itself what they were thinking it was?!

Though we’ve become wrapped in the flames of darkness, let’s head through the final episode together!ヽ(回ε・)ノPlease look forward to it!

Color Coordinator Naomi Ishida:

This is Ishida, the person tasked with setting the color for Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! episode 11.

The many times Dekomori was gallant and miserable during this episode made an impression on me. The serious impression you observed was different from her usual high-spirited self.

And personally, the breakfast scene at the Togashi residence gave me a light shock. We only heard lines and nothing was shown, but the menu choices were somewhat refined. I still like it.

Next time is the final episode. I will be pleased if you continue to follow us until the end. Thank you very much for watching.

Backgrounds Shingo Kasai:

I’m Kasai and I was in charge of the backgrounds for episode 11.

Because of the complications of chuunibyou between Rikka and Dekomori, we used more cold and freezing colors instead of the bright and cheerful backgrounds we used previously. One point of note regarding the backgrounds is during the scene where Dekomori tries to return Rikka to the chuunibyou world. Please note how both the real world and chuunibyou world have been changed.

Dekomori’s “Chuunibyou is deathly fun!” is quite tempting. Yuuta also looked a bit miserable too. Please continue to support these two until the end of their journey.

And so that’s the weekly report from the KyoAni site. One more episode remains! What will happen to Rikka, Yuuta, and the rest of the Oriental Magical Napping Society of Summer?!

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    • Each week, new material is uploaded on the official website’s story webpage. Monday-preview (both video/text) and main staff, Tuesday-production sketch(es), Thursday-comments. I just combine the sketch(es) and comments for future use since the previews are useless on Thursday.

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