Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! 2 novel translation

Nyahahaha! Thought you could take a break, could you?! It’s time to see what happens when we add another chuunibyou patient into the mix in the Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! novel-verse. What’s even better: she’s Yuuta’s middle school pal! Let’s join the two as they’ve just finished another test….

novel2choiceOh god, what do we do?! I know! Let’s read what happens next!

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! volume 2!
epub (large images/smaller images)

Translation: ultimatemegax
epubs: Zorogou

If you have a translator who picked this up by chance, an editor who noticed a tweet by chance, a pdf genius who read the first post by chance, and someone whose tweets I noticed by chance, you’re fated to have a finished second novel. Actually, this was supposed to be out on December 7th, but it was me who delayed it due to RL work that needed to be done. Sorry to keep you waiting a couple of days.

So I guess it’s time for my thoughts on this novel. First, I have to comment on the writing. Both Torako and I improved on this second volume over the first and 2DT made this look even better. I hope you are able to appreciate the improvement in translation. Whereas the first story seemed to meander in random directions, this novel feels more concise. Everyone who has read both the edited and unedited versions has commented how the final part really kept you intrigued.

Due to a suggestion by Parsonator, I’ve come to the decision not to leave any characters in the text, but there is one part that really makes no sense unless you can see what’s being said. It’s even more important than leaving it in a note, so please put up with that part. Other than that, I think this came together nicely on the attack name side. Nothing really needed altering as much as the “Anteros” incident in the last novel (and if you’ve not looked up who that was and why I chose that, it’s quite interesting).

And now I can finally, finally, talk about why Shichimiya jumped up on my list of favorite characters. I read a review from a JP blog about the title back in July and the very first line under the spoiler bar was “Shichimiya was SO CUTE!” I thought “there’s no way she’s that good,” but man was I wrong. I mentioned previously how Torako did a fantastic job of creating characters and s/he absolutely nailed it out of the park with Shichimiya. The previous novel didn’t have a character that just lit up the world, but Shichimiya really sparked this one in a way that no one really did in v1. I’ve previously compared her to a hyper Haruhi and I think that really fits how she acts. She’s chuunibyou, but not in a way like either Yuuta or Rikka; she’s more happy and energetic. It was pretty awesome to have her around. The last part was pretty awesome.

I’ve seen so many comments about how it’s a love triangle, but if there’s one thing I can really praise Yuuta on, it’s that he remains pretty loyal to Rikka. This isn’t really a love triangle at all, or at least I’ve never seen it as such. There’s a certain line in chapter 9 that I would absolutely love to see in the anime, and as soon as the new episode coming in July was announced, I instantly jumped to chapter 2. That would be a perfect conclusion to the anime in my opinion.

I think I’ve rattled on enough. Thank you for visiting the blog and I hope you enjoy reading this. Though the novel says “The End,” we still have three episodes of the anime to go and the BD/DVD booklets that I’ll be working on. Thanks for reading.

32 thoughts on “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! 2 novel translation

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    • Nope. From what I’ve seen of the summaries of the anime’s final episodes, it’s vastly different from the first novel. There’s very little if anything from this one in the anime (maybe a couple things).

  2. Wow man, just passing by to say thanks very much!
    I remember checking around when the anime started if there was any translation, and only now I found your website, and got pretty surprised on how you worked on all this that quickly and good.


  3. Thank’s.. I was looking for this in Spanish, but it seems it’s only complete in English… anyway, I’m glad, the history was so, well… to put it in one word, amazing. That’s it, amazing. So, again, thanks a lot. Good job. Keep working like this.

  4. I loved his translations for the two last novels. I wouldn’t too upset about him not translating novel 3 if there were any other sites with chuunibyou in the first place. Ultimate if you are reading this, I don’t demand you to, but can you please consider coming back to translate at least chuunibyou? Or at least give me a site that may eventually have the translation.

  5. I’m anticipating an anime from this novel in the near future, but if there is not, I’m really hoping to at least read the novel. I really hope that u consider doing a translation for volume three with the best of your ability. Or at least inform me a site that has a translation.

  6. I know you said you wouldn’t translate anything anymore, but can’t you make a exception and translate only chuuni? Please? *-*
    Your translations are awesome and you were the only one translating chuuni anyways, please do volume 3 and any other volumes that might be released in the future. *-*

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