Chuunibyou episode 10 KyoAni comments

And so we’ve reached another week’s episode of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Can you believe that we are nearly done with the show? It feels like it just started and here we are two episodes away from the conclusion (until next June when episode 13 is out on BD). Let’s see what the staff at KyoAni have to say about this week’s episode!

Production images:

Even though it’s just for the Ginkgo Festival, Yuuta is in chuunibyou attire once again. It really suits him.

Rikka is also dressed in chuuni attire for the Ginkgo Festival, but not how she usually dresses.

Staff comments!
Director/Storyboarder: Yasuhiro Takemoto

A confession: bravery.

A confession: a worn-out heart.

A confession: embarrassing…!

And all of those are a confession.
If you’ve experienced giving one, please relish this taste of those bittersweet (or just bitter?) memories of that time!

If you’ve not experienced giving one, please watch and use this as a rehearsal for yours!

This is what I think: the moment someone conveys their love to someone else is the utmost moment their soul is bare, isn’t it? I tried to illustrate their bareness as devotion. Please view it.

Ah, please don’t run against a wall.

Animation Director Nao Naitou:

This is Naitou, the person tasked with directing the animation for episode 10.

Schwarz ZX Prototype Mark II did a wonderful job reading the mood. Please watch his (or her?) activities this episode.

I want Isshiki’s confession cut as a tall poster…. is what I’m thinking today.

In-between Animation Checker Hiroko Kuroda

This is Kuroda and I had the privilege of checking the in-between animation for episode 10.

Finally, it’s the climax.
Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship has also climaxed. Yeahhhhhh!
That dazzling honest look into someone occureddddd!!!
Those feelings were what I had in mind as I checked the animation….

Oh, I’m stuffed. Thank you for the meal.

Was she brought back to reality at the final part of the end of the episode…
You won’t be able to look away next week toooooooooooo!

And there you have it. A very touching episode, just like we were told last month. Did Rikka give up the chuuni world for Yuuta? We’ll find out next week!

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