Chuunibyou pre-airing comments!

I mentioned previously on Twitter that episode 8’s comments were the last that I would translate this week. I had some free time and decided to go back and translate something I missed earlier. These are comments from the major staff at KyoAni the week prior to the first episode airing (posted on September 27, 2012). Hope you enjoy them in a new light given how far the show has progressed.

Supervisor Tatsuya Ishihara:

Adolescence is “painful.”

This is Ishihara.

I’m not sure if people who are currently experiencing “adolescence,” or “the best time of their lives” as it’s called now, are aware of that feeling. Sure they may go “Ah, now I’m an adolescent” or feel like their lives are reminiscent of something they saw on TV or in movies, but that’s not the same as an adult looking back at “the prime of their life.”

I believe this anime is “intended for adults” because the people who are suffering from “chuunibyou” have no awareness or perception that they are infected from it. (of course we are also trying to please younger audiences as well)

People who become aware of “chuunibyou” escape from the disease and completely forget about it once they become an adult.

“Chuunibyou” isn’t merely acting; it’s more a state of mind. From the moment I was assigned to this show, various memories have popped up in my head. Owwww…. Chuunibyou is a part of adolescence or at least a form of it. Surely the butterfly does not remember anything when it is in chrysalis form.

Everyone becomes an adult. And so they forget about when they had “chuunibyou.” That’s why those “chuuni” times are embarrassing, bittersweet, and lovely. It’s like they’re over in a blink of an eye.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! will begin broadcasting next week. Resonate! Come to the gratifying Chuuni World.

Character Designer/Chief Animation Director Kazumi Ikeda:

This is Ikeda, the character designer.

We’re coming up on the broadcast of the series. The seiyuu are adding their performance to the images drawn by the anime staff, other sounds are being added, and the “designs” have started to move. The “characters” are now completed. It’s been very fun. Though I intended to make the characters cute and “anime-like,” I also made sure to ensure you felt their temperature and weight.

Please enjoy Chuunibyou.

Art Director Mutsuo Shinohara:

And just like that we’re one week from broadcast. It’s various forms of excitement around here.

Presently we’re in the middle section of the show’s backgrounds. We’re working hard in a state where, after this portion, just where will both the story as well as images (stages) will be heading…?!

When we see the images move with color, voices and sounds added, and it’s a video, I get a different enjoyment of the story from when I was reading the scenario and storyboards. While I’m working on a production, I look forward to seeing it completed. We try to give that same impression to everyone watching. When one episode is done, we want them to feel like they can’t wait a week for the next one to air. In order to make something like that, we do our best until the very end. Thank you for all your support.

I hope you enjoyed this look back. It’s always a pleasure to see what Ishihara is thinking in my opinion. I really liked Ikeda’s comments on the combination of animation, voice, sounds, and design making a character. I couldn’t put it any better.

2 thoughts on “Chuunibyou pre-airing comments!

  1. “Adolescence is ‘painful.'”

    My first reaction was, “wait a sec, last show’s tag lines was ‘Youth is not all kind, but not all painful either’.” Then I realized they’re two different persons and laughed at myself.

    Speaking of “made sure to ensure you felt their temperature and weight”, I think this can be seen easily when they’re in swimsuits. They’re not supermodel figure, but still a nice body.

    • I’m sure Ishihara was going for that joke in his first sentence. Ikeda’s comment about temperature and weight really show in blushing and tanning of certain characters. It’s really interesting to see how detailed they got with the characters. I’m curious how long they’ll have Nibutani and Deko tanned.

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