Chuunibyou episode 8 KyoAni comments

Hello to everyone. If you are in the United States, I hope you are enjoying a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday and if you are outside the US, I hope you’re having another wonderful day. Chuunibyou episode 8 brought us back to the core theme of the story: the growing romance between Rikka and Yuuta. Let’s see what the KyoAni staff have to say this week!

Production sketches:

Rikka’s room at her grandparents’ house:

Rikka has not lived many years in her room at her grandparents’ house.


Rikka has also mastered using the transceiver.

Episode Director/Storyboarder Rika Oota:

This is Oota, the storyboarder and director for this episode.

Now then, the exciting part has come! It’s the 8th episode! I was extremely nervous working on it!!

This was an important episode! Rikka had to frantically think about her sister and house! (Ah, she wasn’t thinking about “onee-chan” though) The young girl frantically is falling in love! (Ah, she’s still a young girl though)

All these thoughts kept coming into me and my chest started to hurt. (laughs) I’m full already!

If this episode made everyone else’s chest start to firm up, be a little startled, and harden, I’d be awfully happy! Thank you very much for watching….☆

In-Between Checker Naoko Fujita:

This is In-check Fujita.

This episode’s tale continues from episode 7. We hope you enjoyed watching it.

Fireworks, sunburn, watermelon…There were a lot of summer images. (though the watermelon was only on screen for a blink)

Each time you watch it, you’ll discover new things. Yuuta…has a lot of dangerous weapons doesn’t he? Rikka…has just eaten her first onigiri from a convenience store?!

The seeds of love are starting to bloom within Rikka. Well, I hope you enjoy what’s to come after this!

And also….hang in there Isshiki! (laughs) ← I always think this.

Photographer Ryuuta Nakagami:

I’m Nakagami and I was in charge of photography for episode 8.

The relationship between Rikka and Yuuta was certainly on our minds for this episode and the second half of the show. We made a puppy love filter to put over certain scenes for this and that. Please watch and have your heart race.

A nice short and sweet week for comments. I think episode 8’s real qualities will be featured later in the season as we realize what it set up and what was featured in it first. Only time will tell us what happened. I was pleased to see Yuuta’s family didn’t leave poor Chimera to herself while they went to Jakarta. I was worried about the poor cat. And so we’ll see what happens next week. Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Chuunibyou episode 8 KyoAni comments

  1. There’s definitely a lot of setup being done with reveals here or there that makes you reevaluate the details in previous episodes. I think this will be the case like you said right up until the last episodes.

    Thanks again for this as well as the preair commentary translation.

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