Chuunibyou episode 7 KyoAni comments

Another week has gone by and we’ve seen episode 7 of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! I didn’t care for the first half when I first saw it live, but the second half really impressed me. Let’s see what the staff at Kyoto Animation have to say about this episode!

Production sketches:

Casual clothing and swimsuits worn during summer vacation.

Yuuta and Rikka

Shinka and Dekomori

Isshiki and Kumin

Rikka and Dekomori

Shinka and Kumin

Yuuta and Isshiki

During summer vacation, the rest of the circle accompanies Rikka as she heads home. Each person’s individuality is represented in their casual clothing.

Memories of summer are etched onto their bodies.

And staff comments:
Episode Director/Storyboards Kazuya Sakamoto:

This is Sakamoto. I was charged with directing/storyboarding episode 7.

It’s summer!
It’s swimsuit season!
Yuuta’s a guy!
Rikka shows a different expression!
You have to see it!

Despite that various things in this episode led it to feel different than the ones before it, we still managed to squeeze some gags in. Keeping a balance between the seriousness and the comedy was difficult, but I think it turned out enjoyable. Personally, I felt the little quarrel with Dekomori and Touka was a key point. (laughs)

With this episode, we come into touch a little bit with the main story. As we near the end of the series, how will Yuuta and Rikka come together with “chuunibyou” between them… I hope they remain close until the very end.

Animation Director Hiroyuki Takahashi:

This is episode 7’s aniD Takahashi.

When you think of high school students, you think of summer. When you think of summer, you think of high school students. And when you think about high school students in summer, you think of the beach. Since they’re students, Shinka, Deko, Rikka, Kumin, and Yuuta appeared in swimsuits. And to no big roar of applause, Isshiki also appeared in a swimsuit. They’re all high school students, you see.

By the way, since Touka isn’t a high schooler, she didn’t don a swimsuit. ….Damn it! Deko’s not a high school either…. Anyways, we worked hard drawing these young people in summer.

There were a lot of troubles and vomiting for these summer teens! …Wait, vomiting?!

Background artist Jouji Unoguchi:

I’m Unoguchi and I was in charge of background scenery.

Yeah! It’s finally here!!!!!!! Is this the real swimsuit episode?! Or so you thought until you saw those last moments in episode 7.

Episode 7’s stage isn’t in the school we’re accustomed to; it’s a brand new place. As we added more scenery this time, it felt like your view of this world was broadened. Being able to live in a house like that would bring back so many memories as you passed the time. Were you able to appreciate the new sensations that kept popping up until the very end? I’d be very pleased if you felt like you wanted to go into the ocean next summer while watching the episode.

Anyways, with features like a satisfying summer skyline and satisfying swimsuits, this was an episode that kept you grinning the whole time like you usually do. As for me, I’ve memorized Rikka’s appearance while she was tinkering with the radio for some reason.

And that wraps up the site content for episode 7. What will happen next week as Rikka faces Touka in a state of emotional chaos? We’ll find out…. in 6 days.

6 thoughts on “Chuunibyou episode 7 KyoAni comments

  1. Thanks for these; they’re really informative and the translation is appreciated. It really gives an idea of what kind of direction the creators are going for in each episode as well as future ones.

    KyoAni and rest have really impressed with Chuunibyou, especially considering the added content they had to do in order to make a season out of one volume of the light novel. Speaking of which, can’t wait until work on that is done (read about it on the front page here).

    • You’re very welcome. I enjoy sharing these details with the rest of the fandom (plus there’s only 12 episodes, so it’s not a huge timesink like Hyouka would have been.). It also allows for the personalities behind these episodes to shine. Kigami’s comments last week showed his own thoughts about Isshiki and that carried over into Sakamoto’s this week.

      It’s easy to forget how long an anime takes to produce from day 1. The only choice when adapting a singular work into a TV series is to add more content and hope it fits. The staff in charge of Another tended to do that poorly, but Ishihara/Hanada have done well with Chuunibyou. We’ve still got 5 more episodes to go before we can fully judge the show.

  2. What’s the difference between Nibutani from the novels and Nibutani from the anime?

    I originally thought she was going to be a love interest but after this episode I think they aren’t going that way. It seems she has become a pointless character (she is still comedic relief like Sunohara but he at least had a sister). Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not hating on her on anything after all, I like her ATTRIBUTES but the relationship between her and Rikka for example is quite weird. It seems she became a more of a “friend” with Dekomori rather than both of the main characters. She is the same that Yuuta in the sense that both of them hate their old selves but other than that connection, I don’t see why are they friends. Also, it seems Yuuta’s crush on her ceased to exist.

    • Nibutani in the last part of the episode (taking care of Deko even though they fight) is more similar to the novel version than she was in episodes 1-5. In the novel, due to a lower count of characters and an increased focus at school, she’s easily the third most important character (behind Yuuta/Rikka). Nibutani was never a love interest. Yuuta’s dreams were only to represent how he wanted to be normal, and to be normal, you fantasize about girls in your class. Notice how he’s not mentioned that in a while. Personally, I prefer their novel relationship than the anime’s verison.

      • That makes sense. I found out only recently about the light novel so I was feeling rather dissapointed when I found out several characters didn’t exist in the novel but hey, who am I kidding? I’m enjoying the anime so I will watch it until the end.

        Also, I have enough interest in the novel so I will be reading when you release it. Thanks, going to be reading your blog from now on.

        • You’re looking at two different mediums. Very few television shows can have a full season focusing on two characters’ relationship with others popping in here and there while it’s easy to do in a novel. The reason for the additional characters (and the changes that occurred because of them) is so the series would feel more lively when it’s on TV. This episode and episode 5 carry much of the same tone as the novel, but that’s not to say episodes 1-4 and 6 are bad because of it. It’s an “adaptation,” or even more, an “original series.” Best to think of them as two separate beings.

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