Chuunibyou episode 6 KyoAni comments

Another week goes by and we get another good episode of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! As always, I’ve translated the comments from KyoAni regarding the latest episode.

Production Sketches:

Makoto Isshki: After committing a huge mistake, he’s forced to stand in the middle of this debacle.

Class 1-4’s Classroom:To own up to his blunder, Makoto Isshiki addresses his classmates.

Makoto Isshiki: After fulfilling his responsibilities, he looks like this!

The “Oriental Magic Napping Society of Summer”‘s clubroom: Here, Isshiki admirably (?) fulfills his responsibilities.

Staff Comments:
Episode Director/Storyboards Ichirou Miyoshi (Yoshiji Kigami):

This is Miyoshi, the director of episode 6.

This episode was….maybe….perhaps….no, it definitely was…the Isshiki Episode you never wanted.

But please re-examine your disappointment. I hope you realized that Isshiki is supposed to be one of the main characters!

Thus I did my best as director to bring this character who was previously in Yuuta’s shadow…no, this character who wasn’t even present, into the spotlight. And so, this time Isshiki-kun got to shine! He was dazzling! Brilliant! Sparkling!

From henceforth, you should deathfinately pay attention to what he’s doing!!

Color Coordinator Kana Miyata:

I’m Miyata and I was in charge of coordinating the colors for episode 6. What should I talk about today? There’s so many things we could mention.

This time, I’ll talk about the different twilight colors that appeared during Isshiki’s manly scene.

Whenever we create a color palette, we name that style of painting. This one’s name was “Cute Twilight”!! When we met to decide the name, we hoped to used it in a scene where we “wanted to make it cute.” When we thought “what kind of scene could we use ‘Cute Twilight’ for…” its impact wasn’t even half of what we expected.

“Cute Twilight” wasn’t suited for its name….

So embarrassing (x10)
So embarrassing (x10)

Because this work is composed of both single and varied colors, you should be able to find your favorite scene after thinking about it. (umx note: there is a pun on “single color” and “Isshiki” that doesn’t translate well. Left it out, but wanted to acknowledge it.)

I hope you enjoy next week’s episode too! ★ Thank you very much for watching this week.

Photographer Kouhei Funamoto:

This is Funamoto, the person in charge of photographing episode 6.

This episode’s tale is the typical male matter of deciding which girl is the cutest and then Isshiki-kun commits the mistake of losing the rankings.

The other impression I have from this episode are the rest of the class in 1-4. I really felt their presence and could remember their expressions. It really felt like they stood out compared to the main characters. Isshiki-kun’s (blank) head was awfully radiant. (laughs)

Also, I hope those who wanted more advancement in the Yuuta/Rikka relationship got a pleasant feeling in this episode.

It pleases me if you enjoyed the effects and schemes used to make this sixth episode as pretty as a picture during photography.

And that’s what KyoAni’s staff had to say regarding this episode. Personally, I felt it was good and entertaining, but the composition felt like two/three B-subplots trying to become one overall main plot and it didn’t work out. It was still funny, but easily the weakest episode IMO. Next week it looks like we take a trip to the beach. Maybe we’ll see a sketch from that location? 5 days to go!

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