Chuunibyou episode 5 KyoAni comments

That was an amazing episode of Chuunibyou. I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed seeing the start of Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship. It was so lovely and yet so natural at the same time. Having said that, let’s see what the employees of Kyoto Animation (mostly their sister studio Animation DO) have to save about this wonderful episode.Production sketches:

Nanase Tsukumo: When you hear how she talks, you’d think she’s just an airhead. But as you realize how the conversation progressed, you see she’s a worthy tactician.

Tsukumo-sensei’s desk: A pleasant aroma drifts in the air creating a pleasant atmosphere around her desk.

And here’s the staff comments about the episode itself:
Director/Storyboarder Hiroko Utsumi:

This is Utsumi, the director/storyboarder for episode 5. No, THIS IS UTSUMI! Ah, you have to be dark…

From now on it’s summer clothing since we’re in summer! The summer means a pool! Hehehe…. of course we showed those swimsuits you bastards love so much! You love that water too! Did any of you notice that Rikka, Dekomori, Kumin, and Nibutani were wearing different swimsuits? That was the supervisor’s obsession, not mine! (The punk left Yuuta’s to someone else!)

And then we reach the test the Devilsih Truth Stare couldn’t avoid. It was just a multiplication test…but the patient still invoked her chuunibyou. Rikka tried to see the answer as well as she could.

The highlight of episode 5 was the cell phone….NO! The exchange of electro protocol codes. Yuuta’s kindness to go back into Dark Flame Master mode just for Rikka was enough to make you swoon. That cut had such an impressive layout so I was incredibly fussy over its coloring and processing.

Now then! Let us exchange cell….protocol codes! We’re about to part ways…!

Animation Director Miku Kadowaki:

I’m Kadowaki and I was in charge of directing the animation for episode 5.

Though I was surprised at the image of Rikka’s pleasant expression, it was very enjoyable to draw such an event. It felt like you knew exactly what she was feeling at that moment. So cute.

In this episode the math test came around. It’s been how many years since I studied factoring and yet I was the one stuck in charge of it. Though it was once one of my strong points, the truth is that I’ve sealed that part of me away.

And then there’s the school swimsuits we made you wait for!! We spent a lot of attention on the size of each of the girls’ chests, so we’d be happy if you noticed that. It’s a shame there was no shirtless Yuuta. A real shame!

Color Coordination Yuuka Yoneda:

I’m Yoneda. I’ve had the privilege of coordinating the colors.

The 5th episode was about the crises of the circle disbanding as well as the collapse of Rikka’s character. I too can’t understand….the thoughts of that person throwing the dice…

My favorite scene has to be the final scene when they’re going home. It’s the only time where Yuuta says those lines in the episode.

In respect to color coordination, did you think the pink and violet colors around Rikka matched the twilight scenery? I tried to emphasize it. If our photographer hadn’t added the wonderful filter they did, do you think it would have that same wonderful atmosphere?

Speaking of favorites, inside Rikka’s room, the mask and Shakoo-chan (figure) who stand out the most to me. The special effects member poured his soul into them, so please pay attention to them.

Then, I hope you enjoy next week’s episode as well. Thank you very much for watching and reading.

And there you have it. Interesting points by Kadowaki as to how much effort they put into the swimsuit portion of the episode. I personally don’t care for that type of fanservice, but I’m sure there were a lot of happy fans to see that this episode. So what will next week bring us?


One thought on “Chuunibyou episode 5 KyoAni comments

  1. I actually didn’t care about the swimsuits. Tho, I must admit to my surprise that the girls aren’t flat. Which is a good thing, IMHO.

    AHEM*. By all means, this is a wonderful episode. That smile of Rikka at the end is so sweet and pure, it made me smile too. And yeah, Yuuta was actually cool there in his Dark Flame Master mode.

    I will be looking forward for the development of their relationship. I really am so I am pretty excited about the next episode.

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