Chuunibyou episode 4 KyoAni comments

As it is now a weekly occurance, I have finished translating the bonus material on the Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! website to let international fans enjoy the extra materials Kyoto Animation uploaded for each episode. After a revealing 4th episode, what would the staff at KyoAni (well, their sister studio Animation DO) think about this episode?

Production Sketches:

This is the first time we’ve seen Shinka in casual clothing.

It appears that Yuuta keeps his room tidy.

Staff Comments:
Director/Storyboarder: Eisaku Kawanami:

So then, this was the fourth episode of Chuunibyou. I’m Kawanami and I was in charge of directing this episode.

This story featured Nibutani and all the various expressions she showed. I pondered, contemplated, and then tried my best to think of ways so that people wouldn’t hate her. The female staff also didn’t want her to spoil the fun, so they drew her with a lot of love. And so that’s how the fourth episode was sculpted (?).

Of course Yuuta, Rikka, and Dekomori were also cute in their various ways this episode. Yuuta was really cute! It may have been due to his chuunibyou, but his dazed look was quite lovely.

We tried to finish this episode like it was a manga since the story was similar to one you’d see in one. Definitely watch this episode, enjoy it, and disappear within the flames of darkness (○´∀`○)!

In-Between Animation Checker: Motoki Matsumura:

This is Matsumra, the person in charge of examining the in-between animation.

This was the first of the Chuunibyou episodes I checked. I have a lot of memories of checking over Dekomori’s hair. That Mjölnir hammer is terrifying.

And finally….Nibutani’s secret is out! That quick change of character for her is so cute ^^. I really like the relationship she and Dekomori have. They make such a great pair! I hope there’s a lot more chuunibyou that will come after this episode!

Photographer Akihiro Ura:

This is Ura who was tasked with photographing episode four.

Nibutani played a big role in episode 4’s story. The secret that the cool Nibutani, who Yuuta was attracted to, was finally revealed. This episode was definitely loaded with various actions and moves from Nibutani.

Again, we photographers put a large amount of spirit in this episode’s action scenes. There was a lot of effort put in so the CG and special effects would make the episode look really cool.

This chuunibyou fourth episode was loaded with love and action. We definitely hope you enjoy it.

And there’s the extra information uploaded for this week’s episode. I hope you enjoyed the episode and this look into the production of the show. What’ll happen in episode 5?


2 thoughts on “Chuunibyou episode 4 KyoAni comments

  1. “I hope you enjoyed the episode and this look into the production of the show.”

    I just want to make sure I said that I do enjoy a look into the production and really appreciate your posts. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I really appreciate the efforts these people have put into their product and your effort to make their comments available. I could almost see one of the final episodes having a chuunibyou moment where Yuuta and Shinka explode into a duel with each other, and afterwards, they realize they’ve gotten it out of their system and they feel OK about moving on.

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