Chuunibyou episode 2 KyoAni comments

This is the second in a line of posts I’m posting where I’ll translate the bonus material KyoAni put on their site for each Chuunibyou episode. This week, we take a look at the relationship between the Takanashi sisters.

Will this Chimera be Rikka’s familiar?

This is Rikka’s atomizer. It shoots Hellig Wasser (Holy Water).

This is the weapon Rikka used to fight Toka.

This is the weapon Toka used to fight Rikka.

And here are the staff comments for episode 2:

Episode Director: Ichirou Miyoshi (real name: Yoshiji Kigami):

This is Miyoshi, the person directing episode 2.
She’s Chuunibyou, But I Want to Love Her…

I’ve worked on many projects that I can’t remember, but this is entertaining. We’re just beginning to tell the story, yet Rikka gets no sympathy from the plot.

When I was checking the key animation that our staff poured their heart into, I felt like Yuuta; trying not to get too absorbed where I couldn’t continue. Too late, I’m already entranced. Why do I know this? Because my arm has already been bandaged from work…
“This must be the evil De Quervian tenosynovitis…”

Ah, Toka-san appears in the second episode. Is she really a normal adult? She might be a spy from some country.
“Supervisor, what’s going on?”
“Hehehe( ´<_` )"

Oh, something else has been intriguing me. What about Deko-chan?! Unfortunately, she didn't appear in the second episode. When will we see her?
"Supervisor, how long will we wait?"
"….( ´<_` )"
I'm really interested how this will turn out. I hope everyone continues to watch this show.

Animation Director Chiyoko Ueno:

This is Ueno, the animation director for episode 2.

Everyone’s stress levels were raised while we were working on the action scenes. When we were drawing, we also felt how cute the real world scenes played out in comparison to the fantasy world. The weapons changed a bit from the conceptual image in the storyboards. As they are now, they look really interesting.

The artist in charge of drawing the scene where Rikka cancels the magical barrier outside her apartment was quite obsessed. (laughs)

I hope the new characters introduced in the second episode continue to be lively throughout the rest of the series.
I’m happy that people enjoyed watching this episode. Thank you for viewing this episode.

Photographer Hiroki Ueda:

I’m Ueda and I was in charge of photographing episode 2 of Chuunibyou. In this episode, we have the introduction of Kumin, Toka, and the cat.

Of course, I think everyone would remember the chuunibyou action scene first. Rikka versus Toka. A ghastly delusional battle between the sisters! A howling umbrella! A roaring ladle! If you saw it, I guarantee you will love that scene!

It was intense for me photographing when the girls got sucked into Rikka’s delusion. Adding the magic circles, adding attack effects, and making filters was a very intense process.

Naturally, I’m playing the photographing process up, but while I was making those effects, I enjoyed thinking about all the viewers who would see them in action.

And thus ends another week’s worth of comments. I hope you enjoyed reading them


One thought on “Chuunibyou episode 2 KyoAni comments

  1. SRSLY. That episode is epic winning. Damn. I literally lauched off my seat on that battle scene [that umbrella, and that sister <3]. So bloody good. But damn too short. KyoAni should really do more action anime.

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