K-On! movie LE BD review

Continuing from a previous post, this post is meant to detail what came in the Japanese release of the K-On! movie’s LE BD version. Previously, Pony Canyon released 7 BD/DVD volumes in the first K-On! season and 9 volumes in the second season. These volumes came with several physical extras including guitar picks, character biographies, and stickers. (For a complete listing/photos, check Goggen’s JP/NA K-On! comparisons). The on-disc extras mostly consisted of cast/staff commentaries, textless OP/EDs, and the Ura-On! shorts. Since the movie was such a big occasion for the franchise, TBS and Pony Canyon combined to make the movie’s LE BD very worthwhile.

The first thing you’ll notice is the box that the movie comes in. Having been familiar with a one-release box before, this didn’t come as a surprise, but the amount of extras packed inside said box was much different than the other release I know of.  This box continues the pattern that Pony Canyon has done with the K-On! boxes, but fits the movie’s trip to London more. I rather like the colorful nature of the box and how it matches the OP animation.

As usual, the movie comes in a pink amaray case containing both discs of the LE BD. The main feature is on one disc while the majority of the on-disc extras are on the second LE disc. On the main disc we have the movie accompanied with five audio tracks: a 5.1 mix and 2.0 mix both in LPCM with three audio commentaries in 2.0 Dolby Digital encoding. The first commentary is by the main five seiyuu (Aki Toyosaki, Youko Hikasa, Satomi Satou, Minako Kotobuki, and Ayana Taketatsu) as they watch the movie. You can easily feel the excitement they have as they view the film and continue to comment how cute everything looks. It was really exciting to hear the voices having as much fun as I was. The second commentary is by Supervisor Naoko Yamada and various other KyoAni staff throughout the film. Each of the parts of the film rotate in new personnel who talk about those portions of the film. Very interesting to see how much Yamada loves this franchise. The final commentary is by the producers of the film.

Included on the LE bonus disc is a bundle of features included from TBS’s features of K-On! at Universal Studios Japan and their TV special 1,2,3 wa K-On! and expanded bonus footage from that special. The first bonus feature is a behind-the-scenes segment where the seiyuu visit the studio set-up at Universal Studios Japan for the first time. They compare each of themselves to statues of the characters they voice and look all around the stage. It’s really cute to see how excited they are about the franchise. Next is a press conference recorded on the same day where they talk about the franchise and their characters. It’s a very professional set-up until they bring out a giant cake to celebrate Yui’s birthday. I liked how the cake not only focused on Gita, but was made of strawberries too. Following that is the actual TBS feature itself uncut followed by another TBS feature involving other TBS announcers speaking about the franchise. It serves as a good introduction to the franchise for the new movie-goers in Japan and provided a good glimpse at how much TBS itself liked the franchise.

The next feature is the seiyuu and Supervisor Yamada at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theatre in Tokyo on the opening day greeting the fans after one of the first showings. Again, you can see how much each of the cast members and Yamada had fun working on the movie. Following that are two segments that were featured on the 1,2,3 wa K-On! feature, but expanded. The first is an extended look at the scenario hunting that Yamada and other KyoAni staff undertook to plan the events that the girls would go through in London. Yamada constantly thinks about what each of the girls would like to do and wouldn’t like to do (in Mio’s case). Having seen other location scouting clips, it’s strange to be able to hear/recognize sights not in Japanese. The other feature is an extended interview with the main seiyuu at the recording studio in Tokyo where Minami Tanaka asks them to voice tongue twisters in their character’s voice. Toyosaki has no problems as Yui, but Taketatsu has some issues in her Azusa voice. It’s a cute extension of the original piece.

Finally, also included are the announcement segments, TV CMs, trailers, and a special clip shown in theatres prior to this and other movies reminding people to be polite throughout the film. Non-text opening and ending animations are featured as well. They’re a good job down memory lane (segments/CMs/trailers) and yet funny at the same time (movie segment).

And onto other physical extras. The selling point of using a box to house the film is mostly due to the 700 page storyboard booklet. Every single piece of paper detailing the storyboards was included in this massive feature. It’s strange seeing undetailed scribbles/photographs in comparison to the actual movie. Amazing how they’re translated into the animation. Addition production materials like character designs/background designs/item designs are included in another 24 page booklet. It’s a good amount of materials, but I wish the map of London they used as a reference would’ve been bigger. The last booklet is a replica of the pamphlet that was available for purchase at the theatres when the movie was showing. It details about the series and has interviews from the cast and staff. Standard movie booklet fare.

Included in the pink amaray case are the five advance ticket designs, 5 bromides from their concert in London, and the 4 cords (one for each instrument) of Tenshi ni Fureta yo!. The tickets are a joy to any overseas fans as they’re very difficult to come by. I can’t say I’m fond of the bromides, but I do like the art somewhat. The cords are represented in the style of each senior, so you can contrast Yui’s scratches with Mio/Mugi’s precise handwriting.

Overall, it’s safe to say this LE BD of the movie gives you your money’s worth. The 700 pg storyboard booklet is the main attraction, but the other booklets combined with the TBS features on the bonus disc make this an easy recommendation for any K-On! fan. Given the lack of extras in international (English) versions, I would recommend picking this up if you want to see the video footage on the bonus disc.

4 thoughts on “K-On! movie LE BD review

  1. Does this version have english subs? I know the Malaysian ones do have english subs but they dont have all the extras features like the books and the bonus dvd.

    • It does not. No Eng. subs (to my knowledge) were created for this movie, so there was none to put on it. It’s also intended for the JP audience, so none were needed. It does have Japanese subtitles though.

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