Chuunibyou Characters!

Last Friday afternoon (JST), Kyoto Animation revealed the first anime PV for their Autumn anime Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! For those who have not seen it, I’ve embedded it below.

Previously, I posted a primer to give some basic information based on the series from the light novels. Having finished translation of both novels, I wanted to make another post detailing the characters thus far revealed on the website. Supervisor Ishihara is taking an interesting route with this adaptation: adding in a ton of anime-original material. The last two characters I’ll talk about in this post are anime-original, emphasizing the difference between novel and anime. Let’s begin! I’ll paste the actual description followed by the version on the official website. The website’s version is from an alternative chuunibyou setting. (From Rikka’s POV is my guess) Click on the images for a bigger version.

Protagonist: Yuuta Togashi (富樫 勇太)

This story’s protagonist. A punctual, calm, and helpful lad. He’s one of those boys doesn’t stand out much these days. But to be honest, he suffered from a severe case of chuunibyou when he was in middle school. It was bad enough to drive away his classmates. Given a new chance in his high school career, he sealed away his past and vowed never to be infected again. But now that he’s connected to Rikka, will his chuunibyou flare up again?

Website ver: The Dark Flame Master. Before resonating, he sealed the Black Flame Dragon within him. He has been forced into a contract with the user of the Devilish Truth Stare, Rikka Takanashi.

Female Lead: Rikka Takanashi (小鳥遊 六花)

A girl suffering from chuunibyou. A somewhat intense girl who you shouldn’t assume can’t talk for a while. With her made-up power, the Devilish Truth Stare, she engulfs her surroundings (especially Yuuta). Though she’s become attached to Yuuta, she has a severe fear of strangers and adapts a battle pose whenever she meets someone for the first time. Considerably clumsy, she often trips and forgets things.

Website ver: The user of the Devilish Truth Stare. After many years had passed, she is finally reunited with the Dark Flame Master.

Class Rep: Shinka Nibutani (丹生谷 森夏)

Yuuta’s classmate and class rep. One of the most popular girls in the class due to her looks. Cheerful and diligent, she enjoys taking care of people. Really, she’s the leader of the class.

Website ver: Holding the opposing power to the Devilish Truth Stare, she fiercely fights with Rikka’s Servant. She’s loitered around for ages wanting the legacy of the past.

Upperclassman: Kumin Tsuyuri (五月七日くみん)

One year ahead of the others. This possessor of a talent to sleep anywhere always carries a pillow in her bag. She’s so carefree that she’s able to create a warm, calm atmosphere wherever she goes. She also can invoke a talent “Cell Phone no Cell Phone” that increases the rate of her finding a lost item 7-fold.

Website ver: A fellow companion to Rikka and Yuuta. She has the possibility to open the door to chaos wherever she goes.

Middle Schooler: Sanae Dekomori (凸守早苗)

Attracted by Rikka’s Devilish Truth Stare, this third year middle schooler serves as Rikka’s Servant. Because she’s a bit reckless and silly, she often ends up hurting herself. Fallen ill to the same type of chuunibyou Rikka had, she also can go on a rampage greater than any in the rainy season. Naturally, she’s a walking annoyance.

Website ver: Rikka Takanashi’s only Servant. The user of Mjölnir.

And so that’s the five characters that have been introduced thus far from Chuunibyou. The “official” descriptions were taken from this MyNavi web article, while the website descriptions were taken from the characters page on the official website. I hope this post provides a little more information about this upcoming anime series.


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