Shakugan no Shana Final BD Volume 2 review

Coming 4 years after the previous season, Shana III-Final- got off to a bit of a slow start with (re)introductions to our characters and the current situation. The final scene from volume 1 ended with Shana and Yuji facing off against one another. Their fight starts off volume 2! BD Info/Bonus Disc/Photobucket album

As usual with Shana volumes, this volume contains episodes 4-6:Reunions and Meetings, Captured Flame Haze, and On the Palm of One’s Hand.

Reunions and Meetings is our first glimpse of the true power that Yuji/Snake of the Festival holds. Not only does it overwhelm Shana, the Snake lets Margery know the truth behind her hated rival, Silver. The absolute breakdown of all three Flame Hazes in such an efficient manner show us the combination of strength and tactics that only this fusion could have (in this universe). An absolutely fantastic episode.

Yuji takes Shana back to the lair of Bal Masque in Captured Flame Haze while Margery is unconscious and Wilhemina cannot gather anyone to aid her in her plans. The use of a “calm” reaction after such an impactful episode showed great pacing by the series composer. While nothing was really accomplished, many things were set up for…

The introduction of Rebecca Reed in On the Palm of One’s Hand. Freeing Keisaku from Outlaw and deciding to aid Wilhemina in her plans to save Shana, Rebecca “explodes” onto the scene with an impactful introduction. At the same time, we see Shana start to gather her resolve when she is suddenly attacked by Hecate. A good episode that continues the overall plot.

Volume 2 contains audio commentary on episode 4 by Rie Kugimiya (Shana) and Hitomi Nabatame (Margery Daw). They have a lot of fun throughout the episode commenting on things, but the part that struck me was at the end. Both of them felt so sad for Yoshida’s situation. Even hearing the voice of Shana feel a bit sad for her emphasized just how out of place she is as a normal human. Very moving. The booklet this time focuses on Shana’s training to become a Flame Haze, the three episodes, and finally the three members of the Trinity.

The limited edition for volume 2 also comes with a bonus disc (BD for the BD volume, DVD for the DVD volume) that contains Shakugan no Shana-tan: Final Destruction, the textless OP/ED, the promotion video shown at Comiket and in stores, and a roundtable with Rie Kugimiya, Satoshi Hino, and Ayako Kawasumi. Shana-tan is the usual Shana-tan. It was interesting to see Bel Peol as the teacher in the informational skit though. The roundtable talked about their relationships with the characters and how long it’s been since they started working on the series back in 2005. (I’m still amazed that it’s only 8.7 GB big)

And so ends another month of Shana BDs. Sorry for the wait on this; life has been busy. I’ve also been focusing on translating a lot recently, so my motivation for a review went down. I’ll be getting volume 3 about a week late since it’ll be shipped with the Saki BD-Box, so that review will be late as well. Apologies in advance.

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