Mystery Solved: Someday in the Rain

In 2006, Kyoto Animation adapted the Haruhi Suzumiya light novel series as an anime. They used stories from the first, third, fifth, and sixth novels to fill 13 out of 14 episodes. Instead of using another story from the remaining ones in every novel but the first, the production committee asked Nagaru Tanigawa to contribute a script for an original episode. It was the ninth episode to be aired in 2006, but it was the final episode chronologically. For the first time translated into English, here is the original script for Someday in the Rain!

Someday in the Rain script:
Writer: Nagaru Tanigawa
Translator: ultimatemegax
Editor: Kaisos Erranon
Source: The Sneaker August 2006 edition (Released June 30, 2006)

So this is the “mystery project” that I’ve been talking about over the last two months. Apologies for taking so long to get this out; it’s been very busy in RL and I didn’t have the free time to devote to this when there were other things that were of higher priority. I wanted to work on this since it’s the only thing that has been animated yet hasn’t had the written version translated. There’s a few differences between this and the actual episode, so it might be worthwhile to take a glimpse (I had the episode airing beside me to compare as I translated, so I’m 100% positive).

As the image/description states, this is a script rather than a narrative unlike anything else in the series. I’ve done my best to match the formatting as best as I can from the original that was printed in The Sneaker. I had plans to put screencaptures with the text as it went along, but while that would work with the Japanese, it would be difficult to accomplish in an English version. I couldn’t picture a workable design and this project was already overdue in my mind, so the text will just have to do.

Next on my agenda (when I get some free time as next month will be very busy) is to translate the discussion between Tanigawa and Shoji Gatoh (who wrote the script for The Day of Sagittarius for the anime, but is better known as the writer for the Full Metal Panic light novels) from the anime fanbook. It looks very interesting and I can’t wait to start working on it. I’m not going to give a timeframe, but that should be my next project.

I hope you all enjoy this script. As always, if I hear from any of the licensors, this script will be taken down.

5 thoughts on “Mystery Solved: Someday in the Rain

  1. Small correction from a fellow Haruhi fanboy: Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00 and Live Alive were from the sixth novel as you know so the the second sentance should add the sixth to it. Thanks for the translation.

    • Yeah, I was in a bit of a rush to finally get this out. It’s been forever since I started working on it and I was tired of seeing it done but needing design work so I quickly wrote the post and sent it out.

  2. Wow, can’t believe I didn’t notice this until now. It’s a very nice read and pretty amzing when you picture the episode in your head. It also makes me notice the importance of music and the soundtrack, especially Aru ame no hi when Kyon was about to fall asleep. There’s a reason this is my favorite episode!

    I really like these slice of life scenes. It’s the same with Rainy Day (perhaps I just like rain? :P). I feel that they bring out a different aspect of the personality of characters. (I thought Rainy Day greatly enhanced what I thought of Sasaki AND Kunikida, and really pushed Sasaki up onto my favorite characters list even if she wasn’t introduced long ago.) And it’s the same here.

    I really thank you for taking the time to translate it, and Kaisos back at Animesuki Forums for editing it. Perhaps I should give a cookie to both of you back there. :D Really appreciate it!

    • Well, every other story in the anime was translated, but somehow no one ever thought to translate this too. It’s something I thought would be interesting to look at and compare (just like you did). The other part is to contrast what Tanigawa wrote in comparison to the anime’s additional scenes (Yuki in the clubroom when people are shouting outside) and the changes in Haruhi/Mikuru’s clubroom scenes. Thank you for your kind comments.

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