Let’s fest it up with some positive thinking!

I’ve been told many times that my analysis of shows very often tend to focus more on the negative aspects of the show rather than anything else and I can’t really disagree. I’m a perfectionist and we by nature look for improvements to be made in anything. That being said, and given that I need to write something, I’ve decided to focus on the positive aspects of some ongoing shows.

Hanasaku Iroha:

I’ve been blasting this show lately, but it does have some good things going for it. Outside of episode 17, every single episode has been well done. The arcs have focused good attention on their characters (again except for 17) and we get a better understanding of their motivations. Nako’s episode was by far the best single one in the second half of the show.

The animation quality is not nearly as great as the first couple of episodes, but still remains very high. The backgrounds are lovely and the character designs continue to be appealing with the introduction of the classmates. It’s always a joy to see how well P.A. Works puts details into their shows visually.

If it wasn’t for the disconnectedness of the overall plot, I’d say that Iroha has the potential to be a great show. It has a lot of good things going for it.


One thing that remains about Nichijou is the heart that Kyoto Animation puts into their works. You can tell they greatly enjoy the animation that goes into this show. The immense amount of work to choregraph Mio’s freakouts as well as the goofy “This is a (blank)” segments is well-appreciated. The tone has greatly improved as well.

Outside of a few scenes, the show as a whole has much improved in the second half. The cohesiveness of the segments tying into each other is much appreciated. It’s captured more of a “this is our world, but it’s more about these four girls” essence than the first half did. Once again, I have to wonder what the show would be like if they had Nano in school from the earlier episodes.

I have been enjoying Nichijou (I usually watch it before Iroha, so it doesn’t always get mentioned) and I hope that it continues to maintain this level of enjoyment.


The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this show is just how well 5pb made Mayashii as a character. She’s mostly pointless to the plot, yet she’s the one character that viewers want to see saved. Episode 12’s death scene was greatly done because it came out of nowhere and you felt horrified that Mayashii was dead. The emotional impact was very well crafted and I tip my hat to Silver Link/5pb for great design.

Secondly, the contrasting stories to restore the timeline from the d-mails was a great plot point that was carried over decently from the visual novel. Having time travel as your “route” choice plays well in a linear story like this and the different routes like Suzuha and Ruka were executed well. (This is positive, so no comment on Ferris)

Steins;Gate is never going to be one of my favorite shows. I toyed about importing it, but it lacks something to push it over the edge. The characters are a true joy and I think that this is a show that Western audiences will greatly love. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on a science fiction channel next year.

Baka and Test ni:

The humor is carried over seamlessly from the OVAs and the first season. It doesn’t feel so much like a second season as a second cour, which is a testament to the staff. The opening episode review of the characters was executed very well, yet had a curious inclusion in the group. The longer stories is an interesting twist that needs to be seen in full before commenting.

Music-wise the second OP is fantastic. I have a printout of the “DA” “I” “SU” “KI” portion on my desk now. It’s a wonderful opening that separates itself from the first season very well. The animation style for the ED is an interesting change.

I’m still enjoying this franchise and I can’t wait to purchase the NA set next year. It’s a possible import for me if Iroha continues to go badly.

She’s cute. Daisuke Ono is amazing as usual. The animation is very well done. I’m only two episodes in, so that’s all I can really say positively.

It has potential after a great first story. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. Again, I’m only two episodes in, so that’s all I can say.

So there’s some positive thoughts on currently running shows. There’s a lot of positives but, once again, as a perfectionist I focus more on flaws than I should. It’s not a bad season, but there’s nothing outstanding.


6 thoughts on “Let’s fest it up with some positive thinking!

  1. I always enjoy animation shows / movies that include a variety of everything, from serious to dramatic and to the ones that toss in humor here and there ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

  2. I agree that Nichijou has gotten better in its second half. Though I doubt I can give it a high ranting since the humor is more often random and weird than actually funny to me. But you’re right that KyoAni certainly seems to be enjoying it. The main reason I’m watching it is because I love their animation =P

    I haven’t really noticed any change in the quality of Hanasaku Iroha in its second half. Perhaps it’s just personal taste? Or maybe its because I wasn’t quite as wowed by the show in its beginning as you were. I’m still enjoying it and would give it an 8 on MAL at this point =)

    Steins;Gate and Baka Test 2 continue to deliver =D And I’ve been liking KamiMemo more since the first episode. I’m still not that invested in it but it’s a well written show.

    • Nichijou is truly the ups and downs of ordinary life. You have good segments that make you really enjoy the show and then you have ones that drag on and on and on. Overall, it’s been more hit than miss for me. KyoAni has done a great job with the animation for the show. Planning wasn’t that good though.

      When I re-watched the first episodes of Iroha after getting the first BD volume, there’s just more work put into them as the quality looks outstanding. You can tell that P.A. Works had been finetuning that episode for a while.

      Steins;Gate and Baka Test Ni are good as you said. I’m curious about KamiMemo. I’ll have to marathon it sometime this weekend.

  3. I am glad to see a positive spin on things. I know you find lots of things you like; you just never show them as often as I can see at times. So in essence, I am always surprised at how things end up on your scale.

    I pretty much agree with what you said about everything, except for the part about the Ferris episode. I thought it was a pretty good one as well.

    Kamimemo has really surprised me, and has quickly become one of the new ones I enjoy. I have picked a surprisingly entertaining and awesome set of shows to watch.

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