Quick programming note

Similarly to what muhoot said earlier this week, I’m going to be returning to school this fall. As a scientist, it’s difficult to research if you don’t have a type of advanced degree. I’m enrolled and begin orientation next week in a doctoral program (Ph.D for international readers) at a top 25 school in the US. In 4-5 years I should graduate with my degree and begin researching in my field.

I’m not going to disclose where I’m studying at or what my intended field is due to obligations with my current position. What I will say is that my overall goal is something that will change a form of medicine and be able to help many people who are active. There’s nothing like what I’m wanting to create and being able to find a way to save some lives is something I hope to accomplish.

Where do I plan to go after graduation? I’d love to begin work in Japan. They’re investing a lot into their scientific research now and I hope they’re still continuing to do that when I’m able to go over there. As long as I can work on this project, anywhere would suit my desires.

So while I’m studying in my first year/s I won’t have as much free time to watch anime/blog/translate as I have been. I still plan to do some reviews and translations as time permits. Top on my priority list is The Observation of Haruhi Suzumiya: Official Fanbook and the details within. After that, I can’t say what I’ll be working on next. I’ll do my best to keep writing, but my first priority is researching. Anime/Haruhi is just a hobby.

I’ve had fun writing over the past year and a half. This isn’t the end by any means, it’s just a different situation arising.


4 thoughts on “Quick programming note

  1. I am so glad you are going back to school and getting back to your primary goals in life. Hobbies are so much fun, and I do my best to keep them as well, but in the end, my work trumps all of that.

    It is a tough choice to make sometime, but I see you still doing this, so no problems there

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