Spring reviews part II: A Bridge to the Gothic

So now that Anime Expo is over, I can finally get back to reviewing the spring shows! This second part features the other two shows that ended last week: Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi and Gosick. Like before, they’re two differently themed shows that have little in common, but both were enjoyable in their own way.

Gosick:73 points

Gosick has a good premise: an incredibly intelligent girl solves mysteries while her “Watson” goes around and gathers the clues for her. The problem with the series is that the production company attempted to pull a Toradora! (ending the series with the end of the light novel series) and the show suffered due to that. While the first mystery was somewhat predictable, it served as a good opening story to get us used to the premise. Immediately after we somehow go back in time without knowing so to the first mystery that Victorique and Kujo solved. The only arc that reached the level of the first story would be the Leviathan arc.

The series finale 3-part arc also ended poorly for the series. As a final arc it works well by itself but when placed in context with the rest of the series it falls immensely flat. If spaced properly with back-story of why things are happening such as the closing of the academy due to the Science head being besmirched it would be better improved. As is we end one episode with Kujo being taken away and Victorique then going to her father’s requested location and then start another with Kujo suddenly in Japan for some unknown reason. It feels as though the story composer placed stories evenly throughout the two cours and then suddenly realized that the ending didn’t have enough time to cover everything in detail.

Art-wise I have to say that it looks very well in HD. Having watched it via Crunchyroll, I cannot say that I was able to take advantage of that quality due to a 480p stream. The images I’ve seen look fantastic. It’s the same with the music. The opening theme is well done while Resurrected Hope is one of my favorite ED themes. Unity only suffers for the fact that it follows the prior ED.

In conclusion, Gosick has much potential that ended up wasted due to a horrible finale in reference to the rest of the series. If the composer had been able to have an additional episode or two, it would have been a much better series. As is the show merely ends averagely.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi: 75 points
What is the purpose of a haremistic visual novel? To go down different routes and end with the one girl the company deemed “main heroine.” This visual novel plays everything by-the-books with one additional change: a cute younger brother character. As such it gets an incredibly by-the-books score. This is a rare show where I can’t say it does anything in particular poorly (besides my dislike of fanservice for fanservice’s sake), but it never exceeds at anything either. The heroines are average, the main lead uninteresting, and the general plot story is different yet similar.

Immediately in the first two episodes we are introduced to all of our characters and they fit every stereotype from tsundere (Ibuki) to wingman who never once touches any of your girls (Daigo). We go through general stories until the main heroines (minus Tsumugi for some reason) get an episode to themselves. Each one of those episodes is very well paced and never surprises the viewer. The final 6 episodes are the strength of the series and deserve praise from taking it from fanservice to enjoyable plot.

The artwork varies from deadly beautiful to sub-par depending on the scene. The character designs are pleasing but not exceptional in any area but the school uniform. That’s quite different and pleasing to the eye. Neither the OP or ED is one that has cause to be remembered.

To conclude, Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi plays things safely and succeeds at doing so. There’s not really any room to complain, but there’s not much to praise either. Average is the only word that fits. It’s something nice that I enjoyed viewing on Thursdays via Crunchy.

Next up will be my half-way look at the three series continuing into Summer: Hanasaku Iroha, Nichijou, and the ever sleepy Steins;Gate.


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