An Ultimate Anime Expo!

Every year for the past 19 years there has been a convention in southern California in the United States based around anime entitled Anime Expo. This is the 20th such event, but this is the first time that I was able to attend the expo. For those just wanting images, here is my photobucket album for the Expo with titles to describe the images. While I served as the person to stay in line, my good friend (and jokingly sidekick) Skorpigeist went around and took pictures of cosplayers. All credit is given to him as well as the wonderful people who were willing to pose for pictures to show off their hard work. Warning! Huge images when you click on them!

Day 1:
On Day 1, we went to grab our badges and got our first taste of Anime Expo. Lines, lines, and more lines awaited us as we got our badges and tickets for the Miku Hatsume concert. We met some interesting people in line, but couldn’t chat much as we both focused on other topics. I was able to meet zaockle, Yumeka, and f0calizer afterwards and then checked out the exhibit hall. My only purchases were the Haruhi-chan/Churuya-san R1 DVDs and the COMPOSITE Ver.Ka Haruhi Robo figure. Skorpigeist broke down and bought one of the loveliest figures I’ve seen: Taiga Aisaka (Final Episode ver.) plus MoonPhase. Following our leave of the exhibit hall, Yumeka, Skorp, and I waited outside to watch the premiere of the dubbed version of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I’m already set to pre-order it as soon as solicitations are out. The movie was fantastic and while I’d like to say more, I’ve got to leave something to the review! I happened to suffer from some jet lag, so I was out of commission for the rest of the evening.

Day 2:
We were able to walk around and see tons of cosplayers today. The vast majority of pictures were taken this day by Skorp as he went around while I just waited at the Bandai panel line. I hoped to get a poster, but that proved to be unlucky. The Bandai Panel was interesting, but the Q&A was full of dumb questions about the various releases of past Gundum series. We then went to see Miku in concert and got interviewed by Toyota for their marketing of Miku. I finally got a poster, but it was of Miku rather than Haruhi. After waiting two hours to get into the building (we reached our seats literally 5 minutes before the concert started), we got to see Miku’s first big concert in NA.

Simply put, it was amazing. We could barely tell at times that it was a projection on a screen rather than a human. When she went to the opposite side, it was difficult to see her but it was still amazing. I had only heard The World is Mine prior to attending this concert, but I couldn’t tell much difference of other songs due to being live. It was still 90 minutes of 24 amazing songs. If there is a BD released, I will instantly get it.

Day 3:
On our final day, again I waited to get into the exhibit hall to try one final time for a Haruhi poster while Skorp took pictures. After I found out that I wasn’t getting any posters, we went around the booths and picked up more figures. I got a miniature set that included a rare figure of Koizumi while Skorp got Kuroko, Arkawa Under the Sun and two copies of the Serial Experiments Lain artbook. After one final view of cosplayers, we went back and played Tetris to get everything packed. After one of the best meals I’ve ever had at the Curry House, we checked out and sang karaoke with Yumeka, f0calizer, and Jan before leaving L.A.

This was how I felt yesterday and still feel today: this was one of the best trips I’ve taken. I loved being around so many fans that shared the same interests as I did. While I enjoyed waiting in lines, we’ll be getting a premier pass next year to skip the lines and be able to get into events as they open. The additional hour at the exhibit hall will also be nice. We learned a lot for next year and hope to see everyone again!

Random pictures follow:

6 thoughts on “An Ultimate Anime Expo!

  1. I’m so glad that you loved your first con and am planning to come back next year ^_^ Next time I will try to join you for a meal at Curry House since I love their food~ Perhaps another round of karaoke too?

    I’m contemplating getting a premiere pass next year as well. They’re going for really cheap now but it’s just so hard to plan that far ahead XD

    Which Koizumi figure did you get? I only remember seeing him in a few sets of Nendoroid figures.

    Anyway, it was great seeing you there and I hope to have another blast at AX ’12!

    • Curry and karaoke sounds like a perfect day.! Seriously, that was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. I can’t wait to go back next year just for the curry.

      I’ll likely talk with Skorp in the coming days about certainties about coming back. If we do go back, the premier pass is certainly on the board due to the benefits. I didn’t know just how good one would be until going. I’d love to pick it up for $99 right now!

      I got this Koizumi figure (the “Fumoffu!” version with the esper ball) from Jungle. They had this set of four (Haruhi in a scandalous position, gothic Mikuru, and red bunny Nagato) for $24 and I just wanted the Koizumi figure. It was worth it just for him. I’ll put pictures of latest hauls when I get settled into my new apartment.

      It’s been one day and I’m already ready for next year’s Anime Expo! It’s certainly addicting to be around so many fans.

  2. Glad you & skorp enjoyed your first AX! Yeah, getting a premier pass next year is probably a good idea if you want to avoid the lines at registration, the exhibit hall, and main events. I’ve heard great things about the Miku concert, and I’d say the Kalafina concert was also impressive; it was in Club Nokia and thus a smaller, more intimate space — you could see all 3 singers’ faces all the time. The downside is there was no seating so I was standing (again!) for 2 hours. BTW, the Taiga cosplayer in your photos is terrific — she’s got just the right amount of attitude!

    • Who said you needed seats at the Miku concert. We just had assigned places to stand! Seriously, though we were assigned seats, everyone stood for the hour and a half that the concert was going on. It was magnificent and I hope they release a BD of it so I can have a memory of that night. Taiga has a funny story behind her. We were sitting and admiring our haul from the third day’s exhibit hall outside when she walked by while I was chatting and I kept going “TAIGA! TAIGA! TAIGA!” and shoved the camera to Skorp, who chased her back into the exhibit hall.

      We’ll almost certainly be getting a premier pass next year. It’s worth it just for the less hassle for everything we want to do (plus it’ll give an automatic ticket to masquerade for Skorp). I hope we can come back! Meet up at Curry House this time!

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