Planned spoiler post for The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya

Edit: Since a lot of people are looking, my good friend Yumeka has assembled a post containing all the spoilers thus far. It’s quite the interesting twist and I greatly like where it’s going.

As some of you may know one of my hobbies is searching for news about anything to do with the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise regardless of language or location. As such I often find news items before others do and tend to post them. Sometimes they’re at the AnimeSuki forums, and sometimes it’s little enough that my Twitter account is best. I’m going to try something new for the release of the tenth/eleventh novel set. Here’s going to be place #2 for my spoilers. Incidentally, if you’re not familiar with the other novels it’s best to look away as the story continues from the ninth novel in this set. There’s also a special short story that takes place in Kyon’s middle school days. Having said that, the rest of the post is classified information.

One last little section to warn anyone else away who accidentally clicked.

So to start with, a person on Twitter found something of interest in a magazine: a misplaced page from the booklet of Surprise. This is the only page, but it appears to be one of the first pages of the story Rainy Day. I’ll warn that my translation level is low and that there’s likely to be some errors in my translation in addition to missing some of the characters, but here’s my best shot at it:

It was during the spring vacation before my second year in high school. Until that reunion I had completely forgotten….

Sasaki often accompanied me after school. As had been the custom since spring, I would carry Sasaki on my bike to cram school. I felt it was my obligation to do so. Anyways, we were en route to the school one day in particular when we passed by my house. (Likely more details are included, but the image cuts out some characters)

Incidentally, my house was about halfway between our middle school and our cram school.

I had stopped by the door and was taking out my ladies bicycle when I hear the pitter-padder of footsteps. The door opened and my sister had appeared.

“Kyon-kun! Welcome home!”

At that time holding a bag with soy sauce in it was my 9 year old sister, who was in the fourth year of elementary school. Her snack was half eaten when she looked behind me and her eyes became as wide as a cat’s.

“Ah! Sasaki-oneechan, did you stop by for a visit?” (missing some characters, but I’m sure it’s this)

“Sorry I can’t stay,” said Sasaki with a cheerful smile. “Did you just leave from school too…(parts left out)? One day I’ll come back and we’ll play then, okay?”

And so there’s your first spoiler already out! I know there’s nothing much new except for “Sasaki-oneechan”, but that’s all we have. I’ll be updating this post (and commenting on twitter when it’s updated) so feel free to check in for more news. The books come out on the 25th, so expect something near the end of next week to be credible.


5 thoughts on “Planned spoiler post for The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya

  1. Thanks for the spoiler and prompt translation XD Yeah, what happens on this page of the booklet isn’t anything we don’t suspect already…but I can’t wait until there’s more! Keep up the great work with the hunt for spoilers~

    • Honestly, I was shocked to the point I didn’t believe it was real. It wasn’t that bad of a page to translate, but then again it’s mostly things we already know. The rest will be more interesting. Maybe about 10 more days to go!

    • When there’s more than just one random page that has little to do with the actual book, there’ll be a post at Cartoon Leap. I had difficulties putting this in more than one location honestly much less three.

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