Various details about After Story’s BD-Box review

Having planned a 4-day weekend away for a couple of months, the full review of the Clannad ~After Story~ Blu-Ray box will be delayed until next week when I can finish watching it. To compensate for the delay, I decided to put a short “First Look” review for those curious about the set. But then DHL decided to route my shipment to arrive today rather than yesterday.

After some discussion with my friend TMSIDR, we have come to a partnership of reviews on this set. He will be writing a First Look at the box on his Anime in Blu blog and next week I shall finish my usual lengthy review with spoilers. If things go as planned, you will be able to get a quick look at the box’s packaging and some screencaptures later today. For those wanting an in-depth review, I ask that you please wait a little bit longer. Those who have seen the show before know that it’s certainly worth the wait and to see it on a BD is going to be amazing.

4 thoughts on “Various details about After Story’s BD-Box review

  1. Hi,

    Appreciate your Anime Blu-ray reviews.

    I’ve been browsing the site but can’t find any mention of your review A/V equipment setup, is it posted somewhere? Not that it’s necessary, just curious.

    Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

    • Right now I’m using a Visio VA22LHDTV10T 22″ LCD HDTV (bought in university and no room for a bigger model), Toshiba SD-4000 DVD player (for DVDs and CDs), a Sony BDP-S370 BD player, and an incredibly outdated Sony STR-220 surround sound system. Of these, I’d only recommend the BDP-S370 as it is a tank. It loads fast and I’ve yet to run into a disc it won’t play with no problems. I have to excuse myself from any disc skipping issues due to that.

      The weekend was much needed and enjoyed. I’ll have an obligatory Madoka post up soon.

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