After Story BD-Box art revealed!

Yesterday Amazon as well as the official After Story website updated with the box art, interior folder art, and disc art for the Clannad After Story Blu-Ray box.

As expected, the production committee decided to keep the rapeseed motif from the RE DVDs as well as the LE DVD boxes for the outer box. The obi at the bottom will give an idea what the inner folder will look like. It appears to be a variation of a scene featured late in After Story so I won’t spoil what that is referring to.

As for disc art, this was the biggest image I could find thus far. The discs appear to have the following characters:

  1. Sanae and Mei
  2. Yukine and Misae
  3. Tomoya and Nagisa
  4. Ushio and Fuko
  5. Ryou and Kyou

While the price tag is still much higher than I’d like to admit, I am really looking forward to seeing this show in full HD glory. The textless OP is going to be amazing. One month and 5 days to go!

Expect another character post soon. I’m nearly halfway done.

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